IEC 61355

The standard IEC 61355-1 Classification and designation of documents for plants, systems and equipment describes rules and guidelines for the uniform classification and identification of documents based on their characteristic content of information.

It is applied for all documents within the life cycle of a technical products like plants, systems or equipment. It also includes non-technical documents. The main application is the construction, erection and operation of chemical plants and power plants, where the number of documents may sum up to some 100,000 documents.

Classification code

The standard provides with the document kind classification code (DCC) a structured letter-code for the classification of any kind of document.

The document kind classification code consists of three code-letters A1, A2, A3, with the prefix "&".

  • A1 Letter code for technical area class
  • A2 Letter code for main class
  • A3 Letter code for sub-class

The letter code A1 is optional, if all documents are from the same technical area. The letter codes A2 and A3 are identical for all technical areas.

Technical Areas

The technical areas are:

A1Technical area
AOverall management
BOverall technology
CConstruction engineering
EElectrical engineering, instrumentation and control engineering
MMechanical engineering (normally including process engineering))
PProcess engineering (only if separation from M is required))


The main classes are:

A2document kind classes, main classes
ADocumentation describing documents
BManagement documents
CContractual and non-technical documents
DGeneral technical information documents
ETechnical requirement and dimensioning documents
FFunction describing documents
LLocation documents
MConnection describing documents
PObject listings
QQuality management documents; safety-describing documents
TGeometry-related documents
WOperation records

Main classes and subclasses

Table of main classes and subclasses

A2 A3Document kind classes, main class and subclassExamples of document kinds
ADocumentation describing documents
AAAdministrative documents
  • Cover sheet
  • Title sheet
ABLists (regarding documents)
  • List of documents
  • List of contents Index
ACExplanatory documents (regarding documents)
  • Document description
  • Documentation structure diagram
AD ... AYReserved for future standardization
AZFree for user
BManagement documents
  • Vendor list
  • Supplier list
  • Distribution list
  • Meeting report
  • Status report
  • Technical report
  • Damage report
  • Installation report
  • Commissioning report
  • Handing over protocol
  • Letter
  • Note
BDProject control documents
  • Document interchange list
  • Time sheet
BEResource planning documents
  • Time schedule
  • Activity network plan
  • Resource load diagram
BFDispatch, storage and transport documents
BGSite planning and site organization documents
  • Site specification for personnel
BHDocuments regarding changes
  • Change notification
  • Change request
BJ ... BRReserved for future standardization
BSSecurity documents
  • Escape plan
  • Emergency instruction
  • Fire protection plan
  • Noise protection plan
BTTraining specific documents
  • Training description
BU ... BYReserved for future standardization
BZFree for user
CContractual and nontechnical documents
CAInquiry, calculation and offer documents
  • Inquiry
  • Calculation sheet (commercial)
  • Offer
  • Letter of intent
  • Letter of acceptance
CBApproval documents
  • Approval application
  • Acceptance/ authorization
  • License
CCContractual documents
  • Contract
  • Final acceptance certificate
  • Terms of delivery
CDOrder and delivery documents
  • Order
  • Delivery note
CEInvoice documents
CFInsurance documents
CGWarranty documents
  • Certificate of guarantee
  • Expertise
CJ ... CYReserved for future standardization
CZFree for user
DGeneral technical information documents
DAData sheets
DBExplanatory documents
  • System description
  • Structure diagram
  • Description of designation system
DCInstructions and manuals
  • Manufacturing instructions
  • Installation instructions
  • Operating instructions
  • Inspection instructions
  • Maintenance instructions
  • Operation manual
DDTechnical reports
  • Technical report
  • R&D report
DECatalogues Advertising documents
  • Catalogue
  • Product leaflet
DFTechnical publications
  • Technical publication
DG ... DYReserved for future standardization
DZFree for user
ETechnical requirement and dimensioning documents
EALegal requirement documents
  • Building regulation
  • Operation decree
  • Environmental decree
EBStandards and regulations
  • IEC standard
  • ISO standard
ECTechnical specification / requirement documents
  • Requirement specification
  • Technical specification
  • Consumer list
  • Component / device list of instrumentation and control equipment
  • Measuring point and criteria list
  • List of motors and loads
  • Test specification
  • Material specification
EDDimensioning documents
  • Calculation sheet (technical)
EE ... EYReserved for future standardization
EZFree for user
FFunction-describing documents
FAFunctional overview documents
  • Network map
FBFlow diagrams
FCMMI layout documents (MMI = man-machine interface)
  • Screen display layout drawing
FDReserved for future standardization
FEFunction descriptions
  • Function description
FFFunction diagrams
  • Function diagram
  • Logic function diagram
  • Function chart
  • Sequence chart
  • Equivalent circuit diagram
  • Time sequence chart
FG ... FNReserved for future standardization
FPSignal descriptions
  • Signal list
FQSetting value documents
  • Setting list
FRReserved for future standardization
FSCircuitry documents
FTSoftware specific documents
  • Program diagram
  • Code list
  • Design description
FU ... FYReserved for future standardization
FZFree for user
LLocation documents
LAExploitation and survey documents
  • Ground plan
LBEarthwork and foundation work documents
  • Excavation plan
  • Foundation drawing
LCBuilding carcass documents
  • Reinforcement plan
  • Static drawing
LDOn-site location documents
  • Arrangement drawing (site)
  • Site plan
  • Installation drawing (site)
  • Installation diagram (site)
  • Cable routing drawing (site)
  • Earthing plan, drawing (site)
LE ... LGReserved for future standardization
LHIn-building location documents (also applied for ships, aircraft, etc.)
  • Arrangement drawing (building)
  • Building drawing
  • Installation diagram (building)
  • Cable routing drawing (building)
  • Earthing drawing (building)
LJ ... LTReserved for future standardization
LUIn/on-equipment location documents
  • Arrangement drawing (equipment)
  • Assembly drawing
LV ... LYReserved for future standardization
LZFree for user
MConnection-describing documents
MAConnection documents
  • Connection diagram
  • Connection table
MBCabling or piping documents
  • Cable diagram
  • Cable pulling card
  • Piping list
MC ... MYReserved for future standardization
MZFree for user
PObject listings
PAMaterial lists
  • Material list
PBParts lists
  • Parts list
  • Spare parts list
  • Label list
PCItem lists
  • Item list
PDProduct lists and product type lists
  • Product list
  • Product type list
PEReserved for future standardization
PFFunction lists
  • Function list
PG ... PKReserved for future standardization
PLLocation lists
  • Location list
PM ... PYReserved for future standardization
PZFree for user
QQuality management documents and safety-describing documents
QAQuality management documents
  • Quality manual
  • Quality plan
  • Quality record
  • Quality guideline
  • Audit plan
  • Audit report
  • Non-conformity report
  • Declaration of conformity
QBSafety-describing documents
  • Safety study
  • Risk assessment
QCQuality verifying documents
  • Test certificate
  • Material certificate
  • Test report
  • Fault report
QD ... QYReserved for future standardization
QZFree for user
TGeometrical form describing documents
TAPlanning drawings
  • Concept drawing
  • Design drawing
TBConstruction drawings
TCManufacturing and erection drawings
  • Manufacturing drawing
  • Drilling plan
  • Welding plan
TD ... TKReserved for future standardization
TLArrangement documents
  • Layout drawing
TM ... TYReserved for future standardization
TZFree for user
WOperational protocols and records
WASet point documents
  • Batch recipe
WB ... WSReserved for future standardization
  • Operational log
  • Maintenance and modification log
  • Test log
WU ... WYReserved for future standardization
WZFree for user

Source: IEC 61355-1


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