IBM international chess tournament

The IBM international chess tournament was a series of very strong chess tournaments held in the Amsterdam, Netherlands from 1961 to 1981, and was sponsored by IBM. The list of winners of the main group includes five world champions.

Parallel there was quite often a tournament IBM-B, always with (future or former) strong grandmasters - and local Dutch players to play against foreign titleholders, apart from the major "A" section. By 1963, there were 120 participants in the IBM Amsterdam tournament, broken down to grandmaster group, master group, reserve master group, etc. It was a real festival, connected with the idea to promote (chess) programming by sponsor IBM.

11961 Christian Langeweg (Netherlands)
21962 Moshe Czerniak (Israel)
 Hiong Liong Tan (Indonesia)
31963 Lajos Portisch (Hungary)
41964 Bent Larsen (Denmark)
51965 Jan Hein Donner (Netherlands)
61966 Mikhail Botvinnik (USSR)
71967 Lajos Portisch (Hungary)
81968 Lubomir Kavalek (Czechoslovakia)
91969 Lajos Portisch (Hungary)
101970 Boris Spassky (USSR)
 Lev Polugaevsky (USSR)
111971 Vasily Smyslov (USSR)
121972 Lev Polugaevsky (USSR)
131973 Tigran Petrosian (USSR)
 Albin Planinc (Yugoslavia)
141974 Vlastimil Jansa (Czechoslovakia)
 Vladimir Tukmakov (USSR)
 Borislav Ivkov (Yugoslavia)
151975 Ljubomir Ljubojević (Yugoslavia)
161976 Viktor Korchnoi (Switzerland)
 Tony Miles (England)
171977 Tony Miles (England)
181978 Jan Timman (Netherlands)
191979 Vlastimil Hort (Czechoslovakia)
 Gyula Sax (Hungary)
201980 Anatoly Karpov (USSR)
211981 Jan Timman (Netherlands)

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