IBM Yamato Facility

IBM Yamato Facility located in the city of Yamato, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, is where IBM's research and development activities are done for IBM's worldwide and Asia-Pacific region market. Its buildings were designed by the architecture firm of Nikken Sekkei Ltd. and completed in 1985. In July, 2012, all IBM research and development functions completed moving to IBM Toyosu Facility, Tokyo.[1] The last IBM-related organizations left Yamoto around September, 2012, and the facility is no longer associated with IBM.


IBM Yamato Facility houses IBM's research and development centers in Japan. Its address is 1623-14, Shimo-tsuruma, Yamato City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. Its buildings were completed in 1985.

IBM Yamato Development Laboratory


A brief history is as follows:[2]

  • IBM did in Japan small-scale development activities, using RPQ procedure at its Special Engineering department - 1960s
  • IBM Japan Development Laboratory (JDL) was established in Tokyo - 1972
  • JDL moved to IBM Fujisawa Plant site, becoming IBM Fujisawa Development Laboratory (FDL) - 1975
  • FDL moved to the current site, becoming IBM Yamato Development Laboratory (usually called Yamato Lab, not as YDL). IBM Tokyo Programming Center (VM/Office System, Banking System, Retail System, etc.) at Kawasaki also moved here. - 1985
  • IBM Tokyo Research Laboratory also moved to Yamato - 1993
  • As IBM sold its Personal Computer Division to Lenovo, Yamato Lab's ThinkPad departments were separated, but remain at Yamato site - 2005

Products and technologies

Announced products and technologies include:

For the worldwide market


For Japan & Asia-Pacific region


Development Lab Directors

The Development Lab Directors (or those who were in charge of Development & Manufacturing) were:

  • Edward V. Hoffler (1971–1974)
  • Nobuo Mii (1974–1977)
  • Keiichiro Meigo
  • Hajime Watabe
  • Toshio Yasui (1987–1991)
  • Kiyoji Ishida
  • Tsutomu Maruyama
  • Yukako Uchinaga (2004–2007)
  • Yoshinori Sakaue (2007–2008)
  • Kazushi Kuse (2009- )

Development project areas

According to IBM Japan,[3] there are at IBM Yamato Facility these projects:
server systems, storage systems, embedded hardware, communication systems, printers, retail store systems, application systems, telecommunication, Internet related, pervasive computing, finance industry systems, customer relationship management (CRM), business intelligence (BI), and technical and consulting services about hardware and software.

IBM Tokyo Research Laboratory

IBM Tokyo Research Laboratory, also known as TRL, was established in 1983, as IBM's first research center in Asia、It was initially located in Tokyo, but moved to the Yamato site in 1993. It is involved in the basic researches, in association with IBM's other research centers at Yorktown Heights, New York (Thomas J. Watson Research Center); Zurich, Switzerland; etc. In 2008, there are 200 researchers.


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