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IBM Developer is a free web-based professional network and technical resource center from IBM for software developers, IT professionals, and students worldwide. The site attracts over 5 million unique visitors per month in 195 countries,[1] and is designed to help users develop and master skills, solve problems, collaborate with peers, and stay ahead of the latest trends in open standards and IBM technologies.

IBM Developer is making available a wealth of open source, public repos making it easy to fork or copy working code to solve real problems. Its global community helps developers learn with community-tested code patterns and 20 years of applied open source knowledge. They can learn about, try, and contribute to the latest open standards technologies and cloud-based services and confidently develop with easy access to APIs, a comprehensive cloud platform, and enterprise-grade security for their blockchain, IoT, data, and cognitive solutions.

IBM Developer contains thousands of how-to articles and tutorials, as well as comprehensive knowledge paths,[2] software downloads and code samples,[3] discussion forums,[4] podcasts, blogs,[5] wikis, and other resources.[6][7] Users can get up to speed quickly on the most critical technologies affecting their profession, like open, industry-standard technologies such as Java, Linux, Kubernetes, blockchain, and a variety of other open-source technologies, as well as learn about IBM's software products (WebSphere, Rational, Lotus, Tivoli and DB2). The site also provides information on trends such as green IT, cloud computing,[8] and IBM's Smarter Planet initiative. Microsoft's MSDN is a similar site (although it focuses mostly on Microsoft products and lacks the concentration on technology-focused content and resources).

In addition to the technical information available, IBM Developer offers a social networking community of more than 1,000,000 registered members,[9] created to help users build relationships with technical professionals who have similar interests and debate and collaborate for ideal solutions to tough technical questions. Within the community, users can take advantage of groups and activities for easier collaboration, profiles and blogs to gain personal recognition, and a personalized landing page that brings them content matched to their interests for increased productivity.

IBM Developer has provided free technology and product technical information to the development community since 1999, and provides language support in English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Vietnamese, Brazilian Portuguese, and Latin American Spanish. IBM Developer has been praised as "a developer's paradise" and "perhaps the best place to get hang of technologies such as Linux, Java, XML and even Wireless."


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