IBM Austin Research Laboratory

The IBM Austin Research Laboratory (ARL) was established in 1995 and is one of twelve IBM Research laboratories worldwide. Research in the lab primarily focuses on high-speed microprocessor design, hardware design and simulation, software-defined networking, analytics, and mobility. In addition, projects in diverse areas, such as flood prediction[1] and cancer therapy,[2] have been developed in the lab.


ARL is located at 11501 Burnet Road in Austin, Texas, and is housed on the 6th floor of building 904 on the IBM campus. It's GPS coordinates are: 30.397621, -97.719604. The campus is located near other tech companies, such as the J. J. Pickle Research Campus, National Instruments, Google, Apple Inc, and AT&T Labs. The nearest university is the University of Texas at Austin. The lab is within walking distance to the Kramer Station of the Capital MetroRail light rail system.[3]


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