IBM 7090/94 IBSYS

IBSYS is the discontinued tape-based operating system that IBM supplied with its IBM 7090 and IBM 7094 computers. A similar operating system (but with several significant differences), also called IBSYS, was provided with IBM 7040 and IBM 7044 computers. IBSYS was based on FORTRAN Monitor System (FMS) and (more likely) Bell Labs' "BESYS" rather than the SHARE Operating System.

Working stateHistoric
Initial release1960 (1960)
PlatformsIBM 7090 and IBM 7094
Preceded bySHARE Operating System
History of IBM mainframe operating systems

IBSYS itself is a resident monitor program, that reads control card images placed between the decks of program and data cards of individual jobs. An IBSYS control card begins with a "$" in column 1, immediately followed by a Control Name that selects the various IBSYS utility programs needed to set up and run the job. These card deck images are read from magnetic tapes prepared offline, not usually directly from the punched card reader.

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