I'll See You at Lake Constance

I'll See You at Lake Constance (German: Auf Wiedersehn am Bodensee) is a 1956 West German comedy film directed by Hans Albin and starring Gretl Schörg, Lonny Kellner and Erwin Strahl.[1] The film was shot in Agfacolor. It is set in a tourist hotel on the edge of Lake Constance, where its female owner's experiences have taught her not to trust men.

I'll See You at Lake Constance
Directed byHans Albin
Produced byWilli R. Constantin
Written byGerhard Metzner
Music byHarald Böhmelt
CinematographyGeorg Krause
Edited byGertrud Petermann
Consul Film
Distributed byJ. Arthur Rank Film
Release date
26 October 1956
Running time
94 minutes
CountryWest Germany



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