Hungary men's national volleyball team

The Hungary men's national volleyball team is the national team of Hungary. It is governed by the Magyar Röplabda Szövetség and takes part in international volleyball competitions. Hungary winner two medal in Euro Championship.

AssociationMagyar Röplabda Szövetség
Head coachBogdan Tănase
FIVB ranking65 (as of October 2019)
Summer Olympics


Olympic Games

  • 1964 — 6th place[1]
  • 1968 — did not qualify
  • 1972 — did not qualify
  • 1976 — did not qualify
  • 1980 — did not qualify
  • 1984 — did not participate
  • 1988 — did not qualify
  • 1992 — did not qualify
  • 1996 — did not qualify
  • 2000 — did not qualify
  • 2004 — did not qualify
  • 2008 — did not qualify
  • 2012 — did not qualify
  • 2016 — did not qualify
Year Result Pld W L SW SL PW PL
1964th place0000000
1968th place0000000
1972th place0000000
1976th place0000000
1980th place0000000
1984th place0000000
1988th place0000000
1992th place0000000
1996th place0000000
2000th place0000000
2004th place0000000
2008th place0000000
2012th place0000000
2016th place0000000

World Championship

Year Result Pld W L SW SL PW PL
1949th place0000000
1952th place0000000
1956th place0000000
1960th place0000000
1962th place0000000
1966th place0000000
1970th place0000000
1974th place0000000
1978th place0000000
1982th place0000000
1986th place0000000
1990th place0000000
1994th place0000000
1998th place0000000
2002th place0000000
2006th place0000000
2010th place0000000
2014th place0000000
2018th place0000000

European Championship

European Volleyball League

World League

  • did not compete

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