Hundred of Bagot (Northern Territory)

The Hundred of Bagot is the cadastral unit of hundred for the city of Darwin, Northern Territory and the city of Palmerston. It includes the Local Government Areas of the City of Darwin, the northern part of the City of Palmerston and part of the north-western edge of the Shire of Litchfield.

Hundred of Bagot
Northern Territory
Map of the hundred in 1872
EstablishedSeptember 1871
Lands administrative divisions around Hundred of Bagot:
Hundred of Bagot Paton
Ayers Strangways Strangways


Bagot is one of the 14 hundreds that were proclaimed in the County of Palmerston[1] (although the map below shows 20 hundreds). It was named after John Tuthill Bagot, who was the Chief Secretary in the Strangways ministry of South Australia from 1868-1870.[2]

The Hundred was enlarged in 1963 when the Governor-General of Australia, William Sidney, 1st Viscount De L'Isle, revoked the Hundred of Sanderson, formerly located to the north of Bagot, and included this into Bagot. Old maps of Darwin (formerly Palmerston) mention the Hundred of Bagot.[3] The hundred is divided into sections.

It is mentioned in various legal documents relating to land transactions, e.g. "sections 4258 and 4257 Hundred of Bagot" [4]

Bagot Community

Bagot Community is an Aboriginal Community within the suburb of Ludmilla, a northern suburb of Darwin, which like the rest of the suburbs of Darwin, is part of the Hundred.

SA Bagot

There is also a Hundred of Bagot in South Australia; the South Australian hundred was named after Captain Charles Hervey Bagot, the father of John Tuthill Bagot.


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