Humsafars (Life Partners) is an Indian television drama show which aired from 22 September 2014 to 27 February 2015.[2] Produced by Gul Khan under 4 Lions Films, it starred Harshad Chopda and Shivya Pathania.[3][4]

Muslim world
Created byGorky Max
Written byHarneet Singh
Directed byGul Khan
Creative director(s)Nimisha Pandey
StarringHarshad Chopda
Shivya Pathania
Composer(s)Raju Singh
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hindi
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes106
Producer(s)Gul Khan
Production location(s)Agra
CinematographyDeepak Pandey
Running time20 minutes
Production company(s)4 Lions Films[1]
Original networkSony TV
Original release22 September 2014 (2014-09-22) 
27 February 2015 (2015-02-27)
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The show chronicles the love story of Arzoo, who values truthful relationships, and Sahir, who is caught between his affection for Arzoo and nostalgia for his comatose wife.


Arzoo (Shivya Pathania) is a hardworking and virtuous woman, who lives with her mother, Nausheen and two sisters, Zara and Myra in Lucknow.[5] She dreams of becoming a successful fashion designer. When her family's factory burns down, Arzoo decides to leave for Mumbai. She finds work at the prestigious fashion house Saiyaara.

Arzoo accidentally disrupts an ongoing fashion show and is confronted by a man named Sahir (Harshad Chopda), who turns out to be the CEO and her boss. Arzoo moves into the Chaudhary house where she stays with Sahir's mother Alvira, his younger brother Zaki, Sahir's sister-in-law Anam who is married to his brother Siraj, and their close relative, Kurti Aapa.

Sahir gradually begins to develop feelings for Arzoo but stops himself. It is soon revealed that Sahir has a wife named Zeenat who has been in a coma after a car accident that happened seven years ago. Sahir is determined to fulfill his promise to her of becoming a very successful businessman.

A love triangle forms as Arzoo falls for Sahir and Zaki falls for Arzoo. After Kurti Aapa poisons his mind, Sahir believes that Arzoo is a gold-digger. He challenges Zaki that he will prove it. Sahir romances Arzoo, and tells her he is in love with her, after which she too confesses her feelings. Zaki tries to warn Aarzoo but fails. Sahir asks her to marry him and she agrees but soon after he breaks her heart by revealing that he is already married and that he was playing her. Sahir immediately learns that he actually does love Arzoo, and hates himself for hurting her.

Zaki, still bent on marrying Arzoo, confesses his love to her. Arzoo tentatively accepts to defy Sahir, who interrupts their marriage and blackmails Arzoo into marrying him. Zeenat shows signs of recovering from coma and is brought home. Arzoo suspects Zeenat is out of the coma but is unable to prove anything. Someone tries to shoot Aarzoo but Sahir takes the bullet. After an operation, he arrives home when someone tries to poison his IV drip but Arzoo saves him. Police Inspector Vikram Singh Rathore comes to stay with the family to protect them.

Arzoo learns that Alvira is Zeenat's mother and Sahir is her son-in-law. Someone tries to drown Zeenat and Arzoo is blamed but Sahir and Alvira come to her rescue. Believing him to still be in love with Zeenat, Arzoo asks Sahir about his past and he tells her that Arzoo can never be like Zeenat because of her good heart as opposed to Zeenat.

Anam learns that Zeenat is pretending to be in a coma and is working with Vikram who is in love with her. Arzoo gets kidnapped, and Anam is held responsible. Anam blackmails Alvira saying that she has a video showing Alvira was behind Zeenat's accident. Arzoo discovers and confronts Zeenat who knows that her fake coma won't last long. Before Arzoo can tell Alvira and Sahir, she pretends to come out of the coma and pretends to ask Sahir for forgiveness. Anam tells Arzoo the truth about Zeenat and Vikram but withholds Alvira's secret. Arzoo shares everything with Sahir.

Anam goes missing but she leaves a file behind with Arzoo which turns out to be Zeenat's father's will revealing that Alvira is Zeenat's stepmother and that Zeenat instigated her father against Alvira prompting him to leave all his wealth to Zeenat. To get a fair share for her own children, Alvira arranges Zeenat's accident and later tries to have her killed but fails. She admits she used Sahir so he would get Zeenat's wealth on her death and then after he remarries, the wealth would go to Siraj and Zaki, her own children. Anam escapes from Vikram who follows her to the Chaudhary House and asks Zeenat to leave with him. She refuses to recognise him and he reveals all the misdeeds, including shooting Sahir and trying to poison his IV, for her.

The police arrest Vikram and Zeenat. Kurti Aapa apologizes to Arzoo and Sahir for supporting Zeenat. Sahir and Arzoo promise that they will always love each other. Sahir signs over Saiyaaira to Zaki, and makes Anam the VP. Sahir and Arzoo look back at them for the last time and bid them goodbye. The show ends with Sahir and Arzoo’s happy union.




  • Vibha Chibber as Alvira Azeem Chaudhary, Zaki and Siraj's mother; Zeenat's step mother
  • Jenice Sobti / Neha Janpandit[10] as Zeenat Azeem Chaudhary, Alvira's daughter and Sahir's first wife
  • Sehban Azim as Zaki, Alvira's younger son[11]
  • Vishal Nayak as Siraj Azeem Chaudhary, Alvira's elder son
  • Payal Rohatgi as Anam Siraj Chaudhary, Siraj's wife and Zeenat's college friend[12]
  • Bharat Chawda as ACP Vikram Singh Rathore, Zeenat's lover
  • Zeena Bhatia as Kurti Aapa, a close relative of Zeenat's family
  • Purva Parag as Nausheen Khan, Arzoo's mother
  • Darpan Shrivastava as Sarfaraz Sheikh, Arzoo's father
  • Madhumalti Kapoor as Dadi, Arzoo's paternal grandmother
  • Diana Khan as Myra Sarfaraz Sheikh, Arzoo's second sister
  • Ruby Dahiya as Zara Sarfaraz Sheikh, Arzoo's elder sister


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