Humanist Party (Argentina)

The Humanist Party (Spanish: Partido Humanista) is a progressive political party in Argentina and is a member of the Humanist International. Its "five basic points" are:[1]

  1. The human being as a value and central focus
  2. Nonviolence as method of action
  3. The principle of options (economic, organizational, and ideological)
  4. Nondiscrimination
  5. A new kind of economy
Humanist Party

Partido Humanista
Secretary-GeneralGustavo Viglieca
Founded8 March 1984
HeadquartersBuenos Aires, Argentina
Membership (2016)18,548
IdeologyHumanist Movement
Political positionLeft-wing
National affiliationFront for Victory
International affiliationHumanist International

The party is currently a member of the Front for Victory.[2]

The party is part of the Frente de Todos coalition supporting the 2019 Argentine presidential candidate Alberto Fernandez during the 2019 Argentine general election.


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