Hugh XII of Lusignan

Hugh XII de Lusignan, Hugh VII of La Marche or Hugh III of Angoulême (c. 1235/1240 – after August 25, 1270). He was the son of Hugh XI of Lusignan and Yolande of Brittany.[1] He succeeded his father as seigneur of Lusignan, Couhé, and Peyrat, Count of La Marche and Count of Angoulême in 1250.

He married at Fougères 29 January 1253/4 Jeanne de Fougères (d. aft.1273), daughter of Raoul III, seigneur of Fougères, and Isabelle de Craon.[2] They had six children:


Hugh XII de Lusignan died in 1270 while on Crusade with King Louis IX of France in an early battle of the Eighth Crusade.[3] His eldest son Hugh XIII de Lusignan succeeded him.


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