Hugh I, Duke of Burgundy

Hugh I (1057 August 29, 1093) was duke of Burgundy between 1076 and 1079. Hugh was son of Henry of Burgundy and grandson of Duke Robert I. He inherited Burgundy from his grandfather,[1] following the premature death of Henry, but abdicated shortly afterwards to his brother Eudes I, in oder to become a monk at Cluny. He briefly fought the Moors in the Iberian Peninsula with Sancho of Aragón.

Hugh I
prior of the Benedictine Abbey of Cluny
Duke of Burgundy
Reign1076 - 1079
PredecessorRobert I, Duke of Burgundy
SuccessorEudes I, Duke of Burgundy
Died(1093-08-29)29 August 1093
SpouseSybil of Nevers
HouseHouse of Burgundy
FatherHenry of Burgundy

His entry to Cluny in 1079, after sustaining injuries in battle, and at the same time than Guy I of Mâcon and Guigues II of Albon, drew criticism from the pope Gregory VII. Gregory thought he had not made sure the duchy was at peace, and was thus endangering the lives of many christians.[2] He took vows as a monk and later became prior of the Benedictine Abbey of Cluny.[3] He married Sybil of Nevers, who died in 1078, but had no known descendants.

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Preceded by
Robert I
Duke of Burgundy
Succeeded by
Eudes I

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