Hucbert (820 - 864) was a Frank and son of Boso the Elder. Therefore, he was a Bosonid. His sister was Teutberga, who married Lothair II, a prince of the Carolingian dynasty, the imperial family of Francia. Hucbert was lay-abbot of the Abbey of Saint Maurice-in-Valais.

Lothair's reign was chiefly occupied by his efforts to obtain a divorce from his wife Theutberga, and his relations with his uncles Charles the Bald and Louis the German were influenced by his desire to obtain their support for this endeavor. Lothair, whose desire for the divorce was prompted by his affection for his mistress Waldrada, put away Theutberga, but Hucbert took up arms on her behalf.

Hucbert is the father of Theobald of Arles (c. 854 - c. 895).

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