House of Manannan

The House of Manannan is a museum on the Isle of Man. It is named after the "great mythological sea god"[1] Manannan and covers the island's history and current situation. The Manx inheritance and the national character are fundamentally rooted in Celtic, Viking and Maritime culture. The museum is located in Peel and features a life size reconstruction of a Celtic roundhouse,[2] as well as other attractions based from the 19th century, such as a replication of a Peel street. Sea stories are also shared with visitors.[3] It is located in the former Peel railway station, which has been expanded to suit the needs of the museum. When the museum was built in 1997, it cost £5.5 million. One of its most notable attractions is Odin's Raven, a recreation of a Viking longboat in two-thirds scale. Odin's Raven was made in Norway and then sailed to Peel, arriving on 4 July 1979 as part of the High Court of Tynwald's millennium celebrations.[1]


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