House of Baillet

Baillet or de Baillet sometime Baillet - von Latour[1] [2]is a former Belgian noble family. The house is divided into different branches, the most famous were the Counts of Baillet-Latour.

(de) Baillet
Baillet von Latour
noble family
Country Spanish Netherlands
Austrian Netherlands
TitlesLords of Bellefontaine
Lords of Lintere
Lords of Rechingen
Lords of Munischbach
Lords of la Tour
Barons of Geffe
Counts of Baillet
Viscounts of Merlemont
Estate(s)Latour Castle
Cadet branchesBaillet-Latour (+)


The title of Count of Baillet was created by imperial decree of Charles VI, Holy Roman Emperor on 10 March 1719. The first Count of Baillet was Christophe-Ernest. He was the son of Maximilien-Antoine de Baillet.[3] The family had great influence in politics and church, many members were active in the Catholic Party.

In 1980 the last male heir died without children meaning that the title became extinct.

The family resided in the Chateau de Latour next to Virton until 1794.[4] The Artois-Baillet Latour Foundation is named after the family.[5]


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