House Order of the Wendish Crown

The House Order of the Wendish Crown (German: Hausorden der Wendischen Krone) was an Order of the House of Mecklenburg, jointly instituted on 12 May 1864 by Grand Duke Friedrich Franz II of Mecklenburg-Schwerin and Grand Duke Friedrich Wilhelm of Mecklenburg-Strelitz.[2]

Order of the Wendish Crown
Badge of the Order
Awarded by the House of Mecklenburg
TypeHouse Order
Royal houseHouse of Mecklenburg
RibbonLight blue with inner yellow and outer red side stripes
StatusCurrently constituted[1]
HeadBorwin, Duke of Mecklenburg
Next (higher)Order of the Griffon

Ribbon of the Order

The Order had four classes:

  • Grand Cross in two sub-classes, with the Crown in Gold and, more exclusively, with the Crown in Ore
  • Grand Commander
  • Commander
  • Knight

Gold and silver Merit Crosses were also given.

Notable members


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