Hotel d'Angleterre

The Hotel d'Angleterre is one of the first deluxe hotels in the world. Situated in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark, it is located on Kongens Nytorv opposite Charlottenborg, the Royal Opera and Nyhavn. While its history dates back to 1755, it has been in its current building since a fire, in 1795, damaged the previous building beyond repair.[1] From 1872 to 1875, the building was significantly extended and refurbished[1] by the architects, Vilhelm Dahlerup[2] and Georg E.W. Møller[3] The hotel has long been considered the most prestigious and elegant hotel in the city.[4] Its name is French and means the "England Hotel".

General information
LocationCopenhagen, Denmark
Opening1755 (1755)
Design and construction
ArchitectVilhelm Dahlerup
Other information
Number of rooms30
Number of suites60
Hotel web site

The Hotel d'Angleterre re-opened in May 2013 following extensive restorations. The new d'Angleterre has 30 rooms and 60 suites. It also has a 1-star Michelin restaurant, "Marchal",[5] led by executive chef, Andreas Bagh,[6] a cocktail and champagne bar as well as a spa and health club.[1]


Condé Nast Traveler has included the Hotel D'Angleterre on its Gold List 2015 of the best hotels in the world.[7]

Cultural references

The kitchen of Hotel D'Angleterre is used as location for the fictional restaurant Maxim at 0:35:23 in the 1978 Olsen-banden film The Olsen Gang Sees Red.[8]

The protagonist (played by Paul Newman) stays on Hotel d'Angleterre on his way to the GDR in the 1960 Alfred Hitchcock spy film Torn Curtain and Hitchcock is in one of the scenes seen sitting in the lobby with a baby in his arms.[9]

Notable guests


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