Hotel Acropolis

Hotel Acropolis is a 1929 novel by the French writer Pierre Drieu La Rochelle. The French title is Une femme à sa fenêtre, which means "a woman at her window". The narrative is set in Athens and revolves the love affair between the wife of a French diplomat and a young communist leader who is sought by the police for a terrorist attack he has committed.

Hotel Acropolis
AuthorPierre Drieu La Rochelle
Original titleUne femme à sa fenêtre
TranslatorPatrick Kirwan
PublisherÉditions Gallimard
Publication date
Published in English

Drieu was himself a communist at the time he wrote the novel, but the communist character is portrayed as a man who seeks adventure and action rather than a Marxist hero. This kind of character, the political adventure seeker, here appears for the first time in the author's oeuvre, and would be used several times in his subsequent works.[1]

The novel first appeared in the left-wing weekly La Voix in 1929 and was published as a book by Éditions Gallimard the same year. An English translation by Patrick Kirwan was published in 1931.[2] The book was adapted into the 1976 film A Woman at Her Window directed by Pierre Granier-Deferre.[3]


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