Hoot Gibson filmography

This is a complete filmography of American actor Hoot Gibson (August 6, 1892 – August 23, 1962), including his performances between 1910 and 1960. Gibson appeared in more than 200 films.


Gibson's career began in 1910 with early silent film "shorts", and he continued as a movie star once "talkies" were introduced, his first sound film being The Long, Long Trail (1929).[1] Primarily starring in Western films, Gibson worked with many directors, including John Ford, who would direct many popular American Westerns and Civil War films, over his fifty years of film production, including The Horse Soldiers (1959), starring John Wayne, in which Gibson played a supporting role. As with many silent and early recordings, a number of Gibson's films are considered to be lost.


Year Title Role Director(s) Notes
1910 The Two BrothersD. W. GriffithShort
Pride of the RangeFrancis BoggsShort
1911 The New SuperintendentFrancis BoggsShort, Uncredited
1912 His Only SonShort
1913 Cowboy Sports and PastimesShort
In the Secret ServiceShort
1914 Shotgun JonesTom Lattier - the SonColin CampbellShort
The Telltale KnifeWilliam DuncanShort
The Hazards of HelenMessenger / EtzerJ.P. McGowanA film series (or serial); he appeared in Episode 26, "The Wild Engine" (aired May 8, 1915).[2]
The Man from the EastButlerTom MixShort
1915 Buckshot JohnMedicine Show CrowdHobart BosworthUncredited
The Man from TexasDeputyTom MixShort, Uncredited
The Death TrainEtzer, Doyle's palJ.P. McGowanShort
The Pay TrainOrturoJ.P. McGowanShort
Judge Not; or The Woman of Mona DiggingsRobert Z. LeonardUncredited
The Ring of DestinyJackCleo MadisonShort
StingareeJames W. HorneSerial
1916 A Knight of the RangeBob GrahamJacques JaccardShort
Stampede in the NightJack HardingJacques JaccardShort
The Night RidersJacques JaccardShort
The Passing of Hell's CrownThe CowboyJacques JaccardShort
The Wedding GuestJacques JaccardShort
1917 The Voice on the WireStuart Paton
A 44-Calibre MysteryJoeFred KelseyShort
The Golden Bullet"Red" JohnsonFred KelseyShort
The Wrong ManChip's palFred KelseyShort
Cheyenne's PalCowboyJohn FordShort
The Soul HerderChuck RaffertyJohn FordShort
Straight ShootingDanny Morgan (credits) / Sam Turner (titles)John Ford
The Texas SphinxBob GilesFred KelseyShort
The Secret ManChuck FaddenJohn Ford
A Marked ManJohn FordShort
1918 Headin' South
The Woman in the Web Vassily, Ivan's Brother
Play Straight or FightDick RankinPaul HurstShort
The Midnight FlyerDanny MorganGeorge MarshallShort
The Branded ManSheriff
Danger, Go SlowRobert Z. LeonardUncredited
1919 The Black Horse BanditHarry HarveyShort
The Fighting BrothersLonnie LarkinJohn FordShort
His BuddyGeorge HoltShort
The RustlersReginald BarkerShort
Ace HighGeorge HoltShort
RustlersThe DeputyJohn FordShort
Gun LawBart Stevens aka Smoke GublenJohn FordShort
The Gun PackerGang LeaderJohn FordShort
By Indian PostChubJohn FordShort
Kingdom ComeGeorge HoltShort
The Fighting HeartB. Reeves EasonShort
The Four-Bit ManB. Reeves EasonShort
The Jack of HeartsThe Prairie DogB. Reeves EasonShort
The CrowTim McKenzie - the CrowB. Reeves EasonShort
The Face in the WatchEdward A. KullShort
The Tell Tale WireSteve LarmonB. Reeves EasonShort
The Trail of the Holdup ManBob WatsonGeorge HoltShort
The Lone HandJeffrey HalleyGeorge HoltShort
The Double Hold-UpThe Broncho KidPhil RosenShort
1920 The Jay BirdTom JacksonPhil RosenShort
West Is BestPhil RosenShort
Roarin' DanRoarin' DanPhil RosenShort
The Sheriff's OathPhil RosenShort
Hair Trigger StuffB. Reeves EasonShort
Runnin' StraightArthur J. FlavenShort
Held Up for the Makin'sB. Reeves EasonShort
The Rattler's HissB. Reeves EasonShort
His Nose in the BookB. Reeves EasonShort
Wolf TracksMack V. WrightShort
MaskedMack V. WrightShort
Thieves' ClothesMack V. WrightShort
The Broncho KidMack V. WrightShort
The Fightin' TerrorHoot GibsonShort
The Shootin' KidHoot GibsonShort
The Smilin' KidHoot GibsonShort
The Champion LiarHoot GibsonShort
The Big CatchBilly Reeves - the Foreman of the RanchLeo D. MaloneyShort
A Gamblin' FoolLeo D. MaloneyShort
The Grinning GrangerLeo D. MaloneyShort
One Law for AllLeo D. MaloneyShort
The Shootin' FoolHoot GibsonShort
'In Wrong' Wright'In Wrong' WrightAlbert RussellShort
CindersBing DavidsonEdward LaemmleShort
Double DangerJim Marvin / Jerry MarvinAlbert RussellShort
The Two-Fisted LoverScot McHaleEdward LaemmleShort
Tipped OffBilly SteeleAlbert RussellShort
The StrangerShort
SuperstitionDave BodieEdward LaemmleShort
The Brand BlotterShort
Fight It OutSandy AdamsAlbert RussellShort
The Man with the PunchThe strangerEdward LaemmleShort
The Trail of the HoundAlbert RussellShort
Winning a HomeShort
1921 The Saddle KingEdward LaemmleShort
The Driftin' KidThe Driftin' KidAlbert RussellShort
Sweet RevengeEdward LaemmleShort
KickarooAlbert RussellShort
The Fightin' FuryHoot GibsonShort
Out o' LuckHoot GibsonShort
The Cactus KidThe Cactus KidLee KohlmarShort
Who Was the Man?The Texas RangerLee KohlmarShort
Crossed CluesWilliam James CraftShort
Double CrossersWilliam James CraftShort
The Wild Wild WestLee KohlmarShort
Bandits BewareLee KohlmarShort
The Movie TrailCharles ThompsonShort
The Man Who Woke UpLee KohlmarShort
Beating the GameLee KohlmarShort
ActionSandy BroukeJohn Ford
Red CouragePinto PetersB. Reeves Eason
Sure FireJeff BransfordJohn Ford
The Fire EaterBob CoreyB. Reeves Eason
The Winning TrackShort
1922 Headin' WestBill PerkinsWilliam James Craft
The BearcatThe Singin' KidEdward Sedgwick
Step on It!Vic CollinsJack Conway
TrimmedDale GarlandHarry A. Pollard
The Loaded DoorBert LyonsHarry A. Pollard
The Galloping Kid"Simplex" CoxNat Ross
The Lone HandLaramie LadB. Reeves Eason
Ridin' WildCyril HendersonNat Ross
1923 Kindled CourageAndy WalkerWilliam Worthington
The Gentleman from AmericaDennis O'ShaneEdward Sedgwick
Single HandedHector MacKnightEdward Sedgwick
Dead Game"Katy" DiddEdward Sedgwick
Double DealingBen SlowbellHenry Lehrman
Shootin' for LoveDuke TravisEdward Sedgwick
Out of LuckSam PertuneEdward Sedgwick
BlinkyGeoffrey Arbuthnot Islip (Blinky)Edward Sedgwick
The Ramblin' KidThe Ramblin' KidEdward Sedgwick
The Thrill ChaserOmar K. JenkinsEdward Sedgwick
1924 Hook and LadderAce CooperEdward Sedgwick
Ride for Your LifeBud WatkinsEdward Sedgwick
40-Horse HawkinsLuke HawkinsEdward Sedgwick
Broadway or BustDave HollisEdward Sedgwick
Hit and Run"Swat" AndersonEdward Sedgwick
The Sawdust TrailClarence Elwood ButtsEdward Sedgwick
Hello, 'FriscoHimselfSlim Summerville
The Ridin' Kid from Powder RiverBud WatkinsEdward Sedgwick
1925 The Hurricane KidThe Hurricane KidEdward Sedgwick
The Taming of the WestJohn CarletonArthur Rosson
The Saddle HawkBen JohnsonEdward Sedgwick
Let 'er BuckBob CarsonEdward Sedgwick
Spook RanchBill BangsEdward Laemmle
The Calgary StampedeDan MalloyHerbert Blaché
1926 The Arizona SweepstakesCoot CadiganClifford Smith
Chip of the Flying U[3]Chip BennettLynn Reynolds
The Flaming Frontier[4]Bob LangdonEdward Sedgwick
The Phantom Bullet"Click" FarlaneClifford Smith
The Man in the SaddleJeff Morgan Jr.
  • Lynn Reynolds
  • Clifford Smith
The Shoot 'Em Up KidHoot Gibson
The Texas StreakChad Pennington / Tommy HawkLynn Reynolds
The Buckaroo KidEd HarleyLynn Reynolds
1927 The Silent RiderJerry AltonLynn Reynolds
The Denver DudeRodeo RandallB. Reeves Eason
Hey! Hey! CowboyJimmie Roberts
  • Edward Laemmle
  • Lynn Reynolds
The Prairie KingAndy BardenB. Reeves Eason
The Hero on HorsebackBilly GarfordDel Andrews
Painted PoniesBucky SimmsB. Reeves Eason
Galloping FuryBilly HalenB. Reeves Eason
1928 The Rawhide KidDennis O'HaraB. Reeves Eason
A Trick of HeartsBenjamin Franklin TullyB. Reeves Eason
The Flyin' CowboyBill HammondB. Reeves Eason
The Wild West ShowRodeo BillDel Andrews
Riding for FameScratch 'Em Hank ScottB. Reeves Eason
Clearing the TrailPete WatsonB. Reeves Eason
Burning the WindRichard Gordon Jr.
  • Herbert Blaché
  • Henry MacRae
The Danger RiderHal "Tucson Joe" DoyleHenry MacRae
1929 King of the RodeoMontana KidHenry MacRae
Smilin' GunsJack PurvinHenry MacRae
The Lariat KidTom RichardsB. Reeves Eason
The Winged HorsemanSkyball Smith
  • B. Reeves Eason
  • Arthur Rosson
A stuntwoman, Leta Belle Wichart, was killed doubling for Ruth Elder. Wichart fell 3,000 feet without her parachute opening. She was 22 or 23 years old and reputed to be one of the most experienced woman jumpers in the USA.[5]
Points WestCole Lawson Jr.Arthur Rosson
The Long Long TrailThe Ramblin' KidArthur Rosson
Courtin' WildcatsClarence ButtsJerome Storm
1930 The Mounted StrangerPete Ainslee aka The Ridin' KidArthur Rosson
Trailing TroubleEd KingArthur Rosson
Roaring RanchJim DaileyB. Reeves Eason
Trigger Tricks[6]Texas Ranger Tim BrennanB. Reeves Eason
Spurs[7]Bob MerrilB. Reeves Eason
The Concentratin' Kid[8]Concentratin' KidArthur Rosson
1931 Clearing the Range[9]Curt "El Capitan" FremontOtto Brower
Wild HorseJim Wright
Hard Hombre[10]William Penn "Peaceful" PattonOtto Brower
Wir schalten um auf HollywoodHimselfUncredited
1932 Local Bad ManJim BonnerOtto Brower
The Gay Buckaroo[11]Clint HalePhil Rosen
Spirit of the WestJohnny Ringo posing as Ben BaileyOtto Brower
A Man's LandTex MasonPhil Rosen
The Boiling Point[12]Jimmy DuncanGeorge Melford
Cowboy CounsellorDan AltonGeorge Melford
1933 The Dude Bandit[13]"Ace" Cooper posing as TexGeorge Melford
The Fighting ParsonSteve HartleyHarry L. Fraser
1935 Sunset Range"Reasonin'" BatesRay McCarey
Rainbow's End[14]Neil Gibson Jr.Norval Spencer
Powdersmoke Range[15]Stony BrookeWallace Fox
Frontier JusticeBrent HalstonRobert F. McGowan
Swifty[16]SwiftyAlan James
1936 Lucky TerrorLucky Carson aka The Lucky TerrorAlan James
Feud of the West"Whitey" RevellHarry L. Fraser
The Last Outlaw[17]Chuck WilsonChristy Cabanne
The Riding AvengerBuck "The Morning Glory Kid" BonnerHarry L. Fraser
Cavalcade of the WestClint KnoxHarry L. Fraser
1937 The Painted StallionWalter Jamison 12-episode movie serial; 212 minute running time.
1938 The Painted StallionWalter Jamison
  • Alan James
  • Ray Taylor
  • William Witney
67-minute-long feature version produced from editing the 1937 series footage together.
1943 Wild Horse StampedeMarshal Hoot GibsonAlan James
The Law Rides Again[18]U.S. Marshal Hoot GibsonKen Maynard
Blazing Guns[19]Marshal Hoot GibsonRobert Emmett Tansey
Death Valley RangersHoot GibsonRobert Emmett Tansey
1944 Westward Bound[20]Hoot GibsonRobert Emmett Tansey
Arizona WhirlwindHoot GibsonRobert Emmett Tansey
Outlaw TrailHoot GibsonRobert Emmett Tansey
Sonora StagecoachHoot GibsonRobert Emmett Tansey
Marked TrailsHoot ParkfordJohn P. McCarthy
The Utah Kid[21]Marshal Hoot HigginsVernon Keays
Trigger LawHoot GibsonVernon Keays
1946 Flight to NowhereSheriff BradleyWilliam Rowland
1953 The Marshal's DaughterMarshal Ben DawsonWilliam A. Berke
1959 The Horse SoldiersSgt. BrownJohn Ford
1960 Ocean's ElevenRoadblock DeputyLewis MilestoneUncredited, (final film role)


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