The Hoofdklasse (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈɦoːftklɑsə]) is the second-highest league of amateur football in the Netherlands, and the fifth tier in general.

Number of teams64 (4 Groups of 16)
Level on pyramid5
Promotion toDerde Divisie
Relegation toEerste Klasse
Domestic cup(s)KNVB Cup
2018–19 Hoofdklasse


The league is divided into two sections: Saturday and Sunday. This is a result of the traditional pillarisation (Dutch: verzuiling), the segregation of Dutch society. The Saturday clubs are mainly Protestant Christian clubs, who were not allowed to play on Sunday. The Sunday clubs were in general Catholic and working class clubs, whose players had to work on Saturday and therefore could only play on Sunday. Although the pillarisation ended in the 1960s and 1970s, the clubs and the league have maintained this division. The Saturday Hoofdklasse and the Sunday Hoofdklasse are divided into two leagues each since the 2016-17 season:

  • Clubs in the Saturday Hoofdklasse A and Sunday Hoofdklasse A are from the central, northern and western parts of the Netherlands.
  • Clubs in the Saturday Hoofdklasse B and Sunday Hoofdklasse B are from the central, eastern and southern parts of the Netherlands.

The champions of the Saturday Hoofdklasse A, B and C played against each other for the national Saturday championship, just like the champions of the Sunday Hoofdklasse A, B and C faced each other for the national Sunday title until 2015. The winners of the Saturday and Sunday championships faced each other for the Hoofdklasse title until 2010, when the Topklasse decided the overall amateur champion, and in 2016 the overall championship was abolished. The transitional 2015–16 season had the period winners contest the 15th placers of the Topklasse and the 12th and 13th placers played the period winners of the 1e Klasse, all in playouts, while the 14th and 15th placers were relegated and the Hoofdklasse contracted to 4 leagues of 16 clubs each (2 each for Saturday and Sunday).

Since the 2016–17 season, clubs can be relegated from the Hoofdklasse to the 1e Klasse (First Class) and can be promoted from the 1e Klasse to the Hoofdklasse. The champion and playoff winners of each Hoofdklasse are promoted to the Derde Divisie (formerly Topklasse), and two to three teams from each Derde Divisie (four to six in total) are relegated to the Hoofdklasse.

Before this, it was only possible for Hoofdklasse clubs to be admitted to the Eerste Divisie after application and licensing. The last clubs to have done so are FC Omniworld (2005) and AGOVV Apeldoorn (2003).

Hoofdklasse champions since 1975

Season Saturday champion Sunday champion National champion
1974–75 Spijkenisse FC Emmen Spijkenisse
1975–76 IJsselmeervogels Limburgia IJsselmeervogels
1976–77 IJsselmeervogels Rheden IJsselmeervogels
1977–78 ACV Hoogeveen ACV
1978–79 DOVO Rohda Raalte Rohda Raalte
1979–80 Noordwijk Xerxes Noordwijk
1980–81 DOS Kampen RKC Waalwijk RKC Waalwijk
1981–82 IJsselmeervogels RKC Waalwijk RKC Waalwijk
1982–83 IJsselmeervogels DHC Delft IJsselmeervogels
1983–84 IJsselmeervogels Geldrop Geldrop
1984–85 Spakenburg DHC Delft Spakenburg
1985–86 ACV SV TOP ACV
1986–87 ACV Geldrop Geldrop
1987–88 DOS Kampen De Treffers DOS Kampen
1988–89 Heerjansdam RCH RCH
1989–90 Rijnsburgse Boys Geldrop Geldrop
1990–91 Quick Boys De Treffers De Treffers
1991–92 Quick Boys Rheden Quick Boys
1992–93 Katwijk Holland Katwijk
1993–94 Katwijk STEVO Katwijk
1994–95 IJsselmeervogels Holland IJsselmeervogels
1995–96 Scheveningen Baronie Scheveningen
1996–97 VVOG Baronie Baronie
1997–98 IJsselmeervogels De Treffers De Treffers
1998–99 IJsselmeervogels HSC '21 HSC '21
1999–2000 Katwijk Achilles 1894 Katwijk
2000–01 Lisse Baronie Baronie
2001–02 Huizen AGOVV AGOVV
2002–03 Huizen Türkiyemspor Huizen
2003–04 Quick Boys HSC '21 Quick Boys
2004–05 ASWH Argon ASWH
2005–06 IJsselmeervogels Türkiyemspor IJsselmeervogels
2006–07 IJsselmeervogels Argon Argon
2007–08 Lisse Hollandia Lisse
2008–09 Rijnsburgse Boys WKE WKE
2009–10 IJsselmeervogels Gemert IJsselmeervogels
2010–11 Noordwijk, GVVV, SVZW HBS Craeyenhout, UNA, HSC '21 Contested in the Topklasse
until 2016
2011–12 Jodan Boys, Scheveningen, DETO ADO '20, Gemert, Sneek Wit Zwart
2012–13 Ter Leede, Excelsior Maassluis, ONS Sneek Leonidas, UNA, Be Quick 1887
2013–14 Sparta Nijkerk, Hoek, Genemuiden Koninklijke HFC, Rosmalen, Hercules
2014–15 SteDoCo, Katwijk, DVS '33 Magreb '90, TEC, Sneek Wit Zwart
2015–16 ODIN '59, Quick Boys, Harkemase Boys Westlandia, Dongen, Juliana '31
2016–17 Spijkenisse, ACV ADO '20, Blauw Geel '38 No longer contested
2017–18 TBD TBD

Saturday titles since 1975

4ACV, Quick Boys, Katwijk
2Spijkenisse, Noordwijk, DOS Kampen, Rijnsburgse Boys, Scheveningen, Lisse, Huizen
1DOVO, Spakenburg, Heerjansdam, VVOG, ASWH, GVVV, SVZW, Jodan Boys, DETO,
Ter Leede, Excelsior Maassluis, ONS Sneek, Sparta Nijkerk, Hoek, Genemuiden,
SteDoCo, DVS '33, ODIN '59, Harkemase Boys

Sunday titles since 1975

3Geldrop, De Treffers, Baronie, HSC '21
2Rheden, RKC Waalwijk, DHC Delft, Holland, Türkiyemspor, Argon, Gemert, UNA, ADO '20, Sneek Wit Zwart
1FC Emmen, Limburgia, Hoogeveen, Rohda Raalte, Xerxes, SV TOP, RCH, STEVO, Achilles 1894,
AGOVV, Hollandia, WKE, HBS Craeyenhout, Leonidas, Be Quick 1887, Koninklijke HFC, Rosmalen,
Hercules, Magreb '90, TEC, Westlandia, Dongen, Juliana '31, Blauw Geel '38

National titles 1975–2010

By club

3Geldrop, Katwijk
2ACV, RKC Waalwijk, De Treffers, Quick Boys, Baronie
1Spijkenisse, Rohda Raalte, Noordwijk, Spakenburg, DOS Kampen, RCH, Scheveningen,
HSC '21, AGOVV, Huizen, ASWH, Argon, Lisse WKE

By day

DayNumber of titlesTitles
Saturday211975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1980, 1983, 1985, 1986, 1988, 1992, 1993,
1994, 1995, 1996, 2000, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2010
Sunday151979, 1981, 1982, 1984, 1987, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1997, 1998, 1999,
2001, 2002, 2007, 2009


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