Honeymoon Deferred (1951 film)

Honeymoon Deferred (Italian: Due mogli sono troppe) is a 1951 British-Italian comedy film directed by Mario Camerini and starring Sally Ann Howes, Griffith Jones, and Kieron Moore.[1]

Honeymoon Deferred
Directed byMario Camerini
Produced byJohn Sutro
Joseph Janni
Written byFranco Brusati
Mario Camerini
Suso Cecchi D'Amico
Denis Freeman
John Hunter
Noel Langley
Antonio Pietrangeli
StarringSally Ann Howes
Griffith Jones
Kieron Moore
Music byNino Rota
CinematographyGeoffrey Faithfull
Otello Martelli
Edited byAdriana Novelli
Helga Cranston
Distributed byBritish Lion Films
Release date
18 October 1951
Running time
79 minutes
United Kingdom

The film's sets were designed by the art directors Gianni Polidori and Ivan King. It was partly shot on location in Italy, and was one of two co-productions in Italy that producer Joseph Janni oversaw during the period, along with the melodrama The Glass Mountain (1949).[1] Separate English- and Italian-language versions were released.


A British couple honeymooning in Italy plan to visit Rome and take in the opera and the various historical sights of the city. However, after taking the wrong train, they end up in the village where the husband, David, had fought and taken shelter as a British Army officer during the Second World War. Regarded as a hero by the villagers, it soon becomes apparent that one of the local woman is claiming that David has already married her and is the father of her young child named Churchill.

Main cast


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