Homesdale is a 1971 Australian film directed by Peter Weir. Homesdale is a black comedy about visitors at a guest-house acting out their violent private fantasies and games under the control of the house staff.

Title card
Directed byPeter Weir
Produced byGrahame Bond
Richard Brennan
Written byPiers Davies
Peter Weir
StarringGeoff Malone
Kate Fitzpatrick
Music byRory O'Donoghue
Grahame Bond
CinematographyAnthony Wallis
Edited byWayne Le Clos
Release date
June 1971
Running time
52 minutes


Several people gather at the Homesdale Hunting Lodge including butcher/rock singer Mr. Kevin, war veteran Mr. Vaughan, an octogenarian Mr. Levy. All are tormented by Homesdale's staff and forced to participate in a series of games about death and murder in which the true character of the guests starts to emerge.


  • Geoff Malone as Mr.Malfry
  • Grahame Bond as Mr. Kevin
  • Kate Fitzpatrick as Miss Greenoak
  • Barry Donnelly as Mr. Vaughan
  • Doreen Warburton as Mrs. Sharpe
  • James Lear as Mr.Levy
  • James Dellit as Manager
  • Kosta Akon as Chief Robert
  • Richard Brennan as Robert 1
  • Peter Weir as Robert 2
  • Shirley Donald as Matron
  • Phillip Noyce as Neville


The movie was influenced by horror films such as The Cat and the Canary.[2] The budget was covered by a grant from the Experimental Film and Television Fund. The film was shot at Peter Weir's own home in Sydney in March 1971.[1]


The film premiered at the Sydney Film Festival in June 1971 and won the Grand Prix AFI Award in November. It was screened in universities, schools, film societies and occasionally commercial cinemas, as well as on the Seven network.[1]


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