Home Command (British Army)

Home Command, previously Personnel and Support Command, is a personnel support and UK operations command of the British Army. The post of Commander PSC previously replaced that of Adjutant-General to the Forces, and then had British Isles responsibilities, including Support Command (British Army) and civil contingencies tasks, added to it.

Home Command
ActiveHome Command 2016–present
Personnel and Support Command 2015–2016
Country United Kingdom
Branch British Army
Part ofBritish Army
Garrison/HQMontgomery House, Aldershot


In 2015 the post of the Army's Adjutant-General to the Forces was eliminated, and re-designated Commander Personnel and Support Command.[1][2] In April 2016, Personnel and Support Command was renamed as Home Command.[3]

Headquarters Home Command is located at Montgomery House in Aldershot and provides the Army’s personnel and institutional support.[3] It assumed responsibility for the delivery elements of the Adjutant General’s portfolio: recruiting; individual training (officers and soldiers); career management and postings. The Command therefore includes the Military Secretary’s Organisation and the Army Personnel Centre (established 1996 at Kentigern House, Glasgow, responsible for records, careers, pay, pensions, documentation etc), the Army Recruiting and Training Division and the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. Home Command also includes Regional Command to provide the Army’s institutional support, including: civil engagement, cadets, Firm Base and Garrisons, Recovery Capability, welfare, and veterans, including the Regular Reserve.[4] In summary, it "provides personnel and institutional support to the Army."[5][6]

Commander Home Command is also the Standing Joint Commander (SJC(UK)) responsible for the planning and execution of civil contingency operations within the UK landmass and territorial waters during any required Military Aid to the Civil Authorities.[7] HQ SJC(UK) is Defence’s operational headquarters responsible for resilience operations and contingency planning in support of the civil authorities in the UK.[8] This headquarters was formed in 2004, with the then Commander-in-Chief, Land Forces as the SJC(UK). In the intervening years the post was downgraded to a lieutenant general. When Personnel Support Command was established in 2015, it was decided that the role of SJC(UK) Commander was to transfer to Commander PSC in Aldershot. In due course PSC became Home Command. However, military and civilian personnel remained in Andover, thereby separating the Commander from his Headquarters.

In 2016 work commenced to relocate HQ SJC(UK) to Aldershot, bringing the Commander together with his staff and thus improving the operational effectiveness of the HQ. It totals 23 personnel from all three services. The transfer to Montgomery House in Aldershot was completed in late October 2017.

In mid-2018 Home Command consisted of Regional Command, London District, the Army Recruiting and Training Division, the Army Personnel Centre, and Sandhurst Group.[9] In early 2017 there were 155 military and 511 civilian personnel making up the Army Personnel Centre.[10] Later, Army Recruiting and Training Division was renamed as Recruiting and Initial Training Command.[11][12]

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Commander Personnel and Support Command

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