Hoko yari

Hoko yari is an ancient form of Japanese spear or yari said to be based on a Chinese spear.[1] The hoko yari came into use sometime between the Yayoi period and the Heian period,[2] possibly during the Nara period in the 8th century AD.[3]

Appearance and use

The hoko yari was thought to be a guard's spear used in the defense of palisades and gates. One source describes hoko yari as being mounted on a six-foot pole and with an eight-inch blade, either in a leaf shape or with a wavy edge similar to the Malay kris. Like the later-period fukuro yari, the metal blade had a hollow socket for the pole to fit into, rather than a long tang.[4] Hoko yari could also have a sickle-shaped horn projecting out and slightly forward on one or both sides of the blade, indicating that this weapon was primarily used to thrust back an enemy.[1]


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