Hive (1820)

Hive was a 485-ton sailing ship built in 1820 at Deptford, England.

United Kingdom
Name: Hive
Launched: 1820, Deptford
Fate: Wrecked along New South Wales coast on 10 December 1835
General characteristics
Displacement: 485 tons
Length: 120 feet
Propulsion: Sail

Under the command of John Luscombe, she left Portsmouth on 29 January 1834, carrying 250 male convicts. Hive arrived in Sydney on 11 June 1834 and had two deaths en route. On her second convict voyage, she left Ireland, under the command of John Nutting in late August 1835, carrying 250 male convicts. While travelling up the east coast of New South Wales, she ran aground south of Jervis Bay (now known as Wreck Bight) on 10 December 1835 and was wrecked. Two convicts had died en route.

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