His Call

His Call (Russian: Его призыв, romanized: Yego prizyv) is a 1925 Soviet drama film directed by Yakov Protazanov. It was also released as 23 January (Russian: 23 января) in the Soviet Union and as Broken Chains in the United States.[1]

His Call
Directed byYakov Protazanov
Written byVera Eri
StarringVarvara Popova
CinematographyLouis Forestier
Release date
17 February 1925
Running time
62 minutes (1700 meters)
CountrySoviet Union
LanguageSilent film (Russian intertitles)


The main protagonists of the film are Katya (Varvara Popova), the daughter of a factory worker and Andrey (Ivan Koval-Samborsky), the son of the former owner of the factory who illegally returns to the USSR to find treasures hidden by his father. The film title refers to the Communist party's appeal, after Lenin's death, to enlarge its membership.



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