Hilary Ockendon

Hilary Ockendon is a British applied mathematician and an expert on problems in fluid dynamics, such as the reduction of sloshing in coffee cups.[1] She is an emeritus fellow of Somerville College, Oxford, the former president of the European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry, and the author of multiple books on fluid dynamics.

Education and career

Ockendon was educated at Somerville College, Oxford and earned her PhD in 1968. Her dissertation, Relaxing Gas Flow, was supervised by David Allan Spence.[2]

She is the former director[3] and an emerita member of the Oxford Centre for Industrial and Applied Mathematics at the University of Oxford, and a fellow emerita of Somerville College, Oxford.[4] She was president of the European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry from 2001 to 2003.[5]

Personal life

Ockendon is married to coauthor and colleague John Ockendon.[6]


Ockendon is the author of:

  • Inviscid Fluid Flows (with Alan B. Taylor, Oxford University, 1972; Springer, 1983)[7]
  • Viscous Flow (with John Ockendon, Cambridge University Press, 1995)[8]
  • Waves and Compressible Flow (with John Ockendon, Springer, 2004; 2nd ed., 2015)[9]


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