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Hike Metal Products is a Wheatley, Ontario-based manufacturer of small to mid-sized boats used for firefighting, lifeboats, research vessels, law enforcement and other rescue and patrol operations. The company also performs ship refitting and metal fabricating.

Founded in 1958, the company's clients are in Canada and United States, with vessels used mostly in the Great Lakes. The company faced financial problems in the 1980s and restructured to meet changing business environment.[1]

Hike's facilities are located within Wheatley Harbour, consisting of a large metal-manufacturing building, outdoor building berths.[2] Assembly of vessels take place outside (vessels over 100 ft in length and inside (less than 100 ft in length). Located along Lake Erie, the business caters to regional buyers, namely Canadian and American clients along the Great Lakes.

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Hike is one three surviving Canadian shipbuilders on the Great Lakes with most others disappearing after World War II:

Hike is the only Canadian shipyard on Lake Erie, but second to be located on the lake:

Other Great Lakes shipbuilders include:

(Dry Dock Engine Works and the Detroit Dry Dock Company) 1892–1929


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