High School Reunion (TV series)

High School Reunion is a reality television series chronicling real-life high school reunions.

High School Reunion
GenreReality television
Created byMike Fleiss
Presented byMike Richards
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
Production location(s)Hawaii, USA
Running time60 minutes
Production company(s)Next Entertainment
Telepictures Productions
(seasons 1-2)
Warner Horizon Television
(seasons 3-5)
Original networkThe WB
TV Land
Original release2003 
January 13, 2010

The program originally aired on The WB for two seasons between 2003 and 2005, and featured reunions of classes after ten years.

A new version of the series began airing on TV Land on March 5, 2008, focusing on the 20-year reunion of the 1987 graduating class of J. J. Pearce High School in Richardson, Texas. Filmed in Maui, the series featured documentary-style interviews with the classmates, who are assigned "labels" to describe their high school roles.[1]

The series returned to TV Land in February 2009 with members of the Class of 1988 of Chandler High School in Chandler, Arizona reuniting and the promise that one of them would reveal a major secret. Once again class members had labels such as "The Class Clown", "The Cowboy", etc.

The series returned with its third season premiering on January 13, 2010. It follows the members of the Class of 1989 of Chaparral High School in Las Vegas, Nevada.

1987 Classmates & Air Dates

Lana and Mike were married after high school, but they later divorced. After the break-up, Lana had an affair with one of Mike's friends, Steve. Lana said in the first episode she came to the reunion to make peace with Mike. Meanwhile, DeAnna and Justin, Sean and Kirstin, and others, develop feelings for each other.

  • DeAnna, the popular girl
  • Justin, the pipsqueak
  • Kat, the lesbian
  • Sean, the millionaire
  • Cheryl, the outsider
  • Jason, the bully
  • Yvette, the girl next door
  • Matt, the jock
  • Heather, the heart-breaker
  • Steve, the backstabber
  • Kirstin, the spoiled girl
  • Glenn, the geek
  • Lana, the drama queen
  • Mike, the rebel
  • Rob, the stud

The Maui High School Marching band performed on the show.

1.1 03/05/2008: Meet the Mustangs
1.2 03/12/2008: Who Could It Be Now
1.3 03/19/2008: Return of the Backstabber
1.4 03/26/2008: Bros Before Ho's
1.5 04/02/2008: Happy Birthday Steve
1.6 04/09/2008: Only the Lonely

1988 Classmates & Air Dates

  • Andrew, The Band Geek
  • Chad Ramirez, The Cowboy
  • Dennis, The Troublemaker
  • Heather, The Preacher's Daughter
  • Jenny LaFlesch, The Cheerleader
  • Jessica Frantz Garvin, The Ugly Duckling
  • Kara Hoffman Breeze, The Homecoming Queen
  • Liz, The Wannabe
  • Lynette, The Snob
  • Manny, The Player
  • Maricela Vallecillo, The Outcast
  • Octavia, The Flirt
  • Renee, The Goody Goody
  • Scott Horne, The Loner
  • Scott Schutkowski, The Class Clown
  • Scott White, The Skate Punk
  • Shalonda Warren Clark, The Pregnant Girl
  • Tom Breeze, The Jock
  • Tyrone, The All-Star

2.1 02/18/2009: Welcome Back Wolves
2.2 02/25/2009: Reunion Crashers
2.3 03/04/2009: Dennis the Menace
2.4 03/11/2009: A Class Divided
2.5 03/18/2009: Reunited?
2.6 03/25/2009: What Happens in Hawaii, Stays in Hawaii
2.7 04/01/2009: Is It True?
2.8 04/08/2009: Love Will Lead You Back

Themes from Season 2

Jessica is called the Ugly Duckling but after high school went on to model for Playboy. At high school she was friends with Maricella. Jessica is jealous that Maricella fits in with the other school mates, especially Scott W who Jessica also has a crush on. Scott W and Maricella go on several 'hall passes' together and form a relationship. Jessica tells the reunion that Maricella is a prostitute - this is the big secret of the season (though it is never confirmed). Scott W and Maricella go to the prom together, though previously it seemed as though they were planning a future together Scott W takes a step back at the prom. Kara and Tom were high school sweethearts and married after high school. They have since divorced. Kara is concerned Tom was involved in a financial scam which she confronts him about and he denies. The season ends with them deciding to stay on in Hawaii to have the honeymoon they never did. Andrew turns up part way through the reunion to confess his love for Lynette who never spoke to him in high school. She is flattered though a little taken aback especially as she does not remember him. He takes her on a date but she makes it clear she only wants to be friends. Lynette then invites Andrew to the prom in the last episode, he is very excited as he had not planned to ask her. Lynette takes him aside at the prom and says she wants to be friends then decides to kiss him - which he then confessed was worth waiting 20 years for. Dennis is from another year and turns up to make trouble. His first night he gets very drunk and upsets the house including referring to Shalonda as 'buckwheat.' He apologises to the reunion for his behaviour and is accepted back. He invites Shalonda to attend the prom with him, she accepts.


TV Land's sixth episode of Season 2 averaged over 1 million total viewers making it the most-watched episode of the season to date, according to Nielsen Media Research. The telecast gave TV Land double-digit gains over episode five across the network's target demo, Adults 25-54, and among the network's core audience of Adults 40-54. Season two of “High School Reunion” has been averaging 859,000 total viewers with a median age of 45.

The show has a loyal following on the Internet. Traffic to TVLand.com spiked after episode six, up 65% at 11 PM EST the night of airing, compared to the same time last week. Overall, traffic to the site was up 27% day-before airing, compared to last Wednesday. (Source: Omniture)

1989 Classmates

  • Antanus Pullum, The Ladies' Man
  • Cyndi Ellis-Stueben, The Nerd
  • Elena Machin, The Popular Girl (Summer Girl)
  • Eric (Raven) Lowell, The Gay Guy
  • Jodi McMillin Jorjorian, The Cheerleader
  • Joe Basso, The Football Star
  • John Mikolainis, The Troublemaker
  • Justin Taggart, The Delinquent (Valley High)
  • Lissette Jefferies-Waugh, The Hot Girl (Summer Girl)
  • Lori Da Silva, The Party Girl
  • Marcel Chevalier, The Prankster (Valley High)
  • Mark Kasel, The Secret Admirer
  • Rachelle Ramirez-Smith, The Late Bloomer
  • Tracy Barkhuff, The Teacher's Pet
  • Tracey Ealy, The Jock
  • Treda Edwards Ealy, The Class Sweetheart

3.1 01/13/2010 Aloha Cowboys: Joe, the Football Star, and Jodi, the Cheerleader, were Chaparral High School's "it" couple; she came to the reunion hoping to rekindle their romance and the flame continued to burn. Jodi did not arrive with the other classmates, Joe met her on a hallpass; they had dinner and looked at photos from high school (they kissed). Antanus the Ladies' man wants to relive his glory days even though he has a girlfriend back home. Cindy the nerd came to the reunion to be accepted by the popular crowd but no one remembers her. An old rivalry reignited between Chaparrals two hottest cliques; The Summer Girls (the pretty, bitchy girls) and the Cheerleaders. Eric, the Gay Guy, came to confront John, the Troublemaker, over a 20-year grudge but didn't get the apology he hoped for. Eric arrived during a detention for John on the train tracks; John was very rude then just walked away. Cindy and Tracy bonded when they realised they had the same sort of time in high school; they both felt left out and spent Saturday evenings at home.
3.2 01/20/2010 Win, Lose or Draw: Jodi has big dreams for her high school sweetheart, Joe but he comments to the camera that he just wants to be friends (neglecting to tell her). Rachelle had an older overprotective boyfriend in high school and has just got out of a marriage with a similar man, she has an 11-year-old son. Rachelle has plans of her own and when she makes a play for Joe, she takes him on a hallpass and they have a wonderful time including kissing while swimming. Jodi is upset remembering how Joe cheated on her while they were dating and tells him to be honest with Rachelle about how he feels about her. Cindy gets told off by the Summer Girls for talking about them, referring to their 'botox and big breasts.'
3.3 01/27/2010 Pair of Jokers: The reunion is crashed by Justin and Marcel from Valley High; Chaparrals rival high school.
3.4 02/03/2010 Ante Up
3.5 02/10/2010 Hearts Are Wild
3.6 02/17/2010 Invite Only: The Summer Girls throw an "classy" invite only party; Sumba and Sushi; which those who attend find boring - several sneak out to the Cheerleaders party. The Cheerleaders are upset at not being invited to the party and throw their own open invite party.
3.7 02/24/2010 Another Wedding Day in Paradise: Tracey and Treda renew their wedding vows. The Cheerleaders party continues. A drunken John pinches Tracy's breast then kicks her hand causing Justin to come to her rescue and escort John from the property.
3.8 03/03/2010 PROMises of Love: the last episode sees the class go to the Prom. Cindy's husband turns up as her secret date. Joe proposes to Rachelle upsetting Jodi. Marcel invites Eric to the Prom so Eric can have the prom experience he didn't have, with a man. Justin invites Tracy.


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