Hibiya Station

Hibiya Station (日比谷駅, Hibiya-eki) is an underground railway station in the Yūrakuchō district of Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan, operated by Tokyo Metro and Toei. The area around the station is generally called Hibiya, which is the southwestern corner of the Yūrakuchō district.

C09 H07 I08
Hibiya Station

Chiyoda Line, 2019
Location1-5-1-saki (Tokyo Metro)
1-13-1-saki (Toei) Yūrakuchō, Chiyoda City, Tokyo
Operated byTokyo Metro, Toei
ConnectionsY18 JK25 JY30 Yūrakuchō Station
Other information
Station codeC-09, H-07, I-08
Preceding station   Tokyo Metro   Following station
Chiyoda Line
toward Kita-Ayase
toward Naka-meguro
Hibiya Line
toward Kita-Senju
Toei Subway
toward Meguro
Mita Line
Hibiya Station
Location within Special wards of Tokyo
Hibiya Station
Hibiya Station (Tokyo)
Hibiya Station
Hibiya Station (Japan)

Hibiya is Tokyo Metro's thirty-seventh busiest station in 2016, while its connected station Yūrakuchō ranks fifteenth[1].


Yūrakuchō Station on the Tokyo Metro Yūrakuchō Line is connected to Hibiya Station by underground passageways, and it is possible to connect between the two stations without going through the ticket gates. However, the JR platforms at Yūrakuchō are fairly far from Hibiya Station and require a second ticket.

Station layout

Tokyo Metro platforms

1 H Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line for Ebisu and Naka-meguro
2 H Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line for Ginza, Ueno, and Kita-senju
TS Tobu Skytree Line for Tōbu-Dōbutsu-Kōen
TI Tobu Isesaki Line for Kuki
TN Tobu Nikko Line for Minami-Kurihashi
3 C Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line for Omote-sando and Yoyogi-uehara
Odakyu Odawara Line for Hon-Atsugi and Isehara
4 C Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line for Otemachi, Kita-senju, and Ayase
JL Jōban Line (Local) for Abiko and Toride

Toei platforms

1 I Toei Mita Line for Shirokane-takanawa and Meguro
MG Tokyu Meguro Line for Hiyoshi
2 I Toei Mita Line for Otemachi, Sugamo, and Nishi-takashimadaira


The Hibiya Line station opened on 29 August 1964, the Chiyoda Line station opened on 20 March 1971, and the Mita Line station opened on 30 June 1972.[2]

Surrounding area


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