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Hi-Tech Automotive is a low volume car builder and design house located in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Most of the vehicles produced are exported, notably to the US and UK. The main distributor of the cars built by Hi-Tech is Superformance. In December 2005 Hi-Tech Automotive transferred the ownership of its subsidiary, Superformance, to the Hillbank Automotive Group, which is privately owned by Lance Stander.[1]

All Superformance cars are originally built at Hi-Tech Automotive's 270,000-square-foot (25,000 m2) plant in Port Elizabeth, South Africa before they are shipped as complete rolling chassis minus engine.[2][3] Hi-Tech also supplies customers with non-road cars ready to race on the track.

Cars produced


The vehicles that Hi-Tech has produced or worked on includes:

Superformance MKIII (a replica of the third generation 427 Shelby Cobra)

Superformance MKII FIA

Superformance MKII Slab Side

Superformance Daytona Coupe (Discontinued)

Superformance GT40 continuation series

Superformance 1963 Corvette Grand Sport continuation series

Superformance S-1 roadster (a Lotus Seven replica) (Discontinued)

Shelby Legendary Cars

Shelby CSX 6000 MKIII

Shelby CSX 7000 MKII FIA

Shelby CSX 8000 MKII Slab Side

Shelby CSX 9000 Daytona Coupe


Noble M400

Optimal Energy Joule

Perana Z-One, with bodyshell designed by Zagato. Production of the Z-One suffered with the downturn of the world economy shortly after its release and a partnership in 2012 between Hi-Tech Automotive and AC cars of England saw the Z-One re-badged as the 378GT Zagato.[4]

Riverside Racers FIA, a Canadian company that purchased the COBRA FIA body mold from Hi Tech (USA) and partnered with Hi Tech Automotive to produce a Cobra FIA replica. A slab side version was also developed and 50 cars were sold in the UK as the AC Classic. Models are sold in the USA as the Superformance MKII FIA or Superformance MKII Slab Side. Shelby Legendary Cars offer the CSX 7000 Cobra FIA and the CSX 8000 Cobra Slab Side.


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