Heterogeneity (disambiguation)

Heterogeneity is a diverseness of constituent structure.

Heterogeneity or heterogeneous may also refer to:

Data analysis

Biology and medicine

  • Heterogeneous conditions in medicine are those conditions which have several causes/etiologies
  • A heterogeneous taxon, a taxon that contains a great variety of individuals or sub-taxa; usually this implies that the taxon is an artificial grouping
  • Genetic heterogeneity, multiple origins causing the same disorder in different individuals.
  • Allelic heterogeneity, different mutations at the same locus causing the same disorder.


  • A heterogeneous reaction, a reaction in chemical kinetics that takes place at the interface of two or more phases, i.e. between a solid and a gas, a liquid and a gas, or a solid and a liquid
  • A heterogeneous catalysis, one in which the catalyst is in a different phase from the substrate


  • Heterogeneity in landscape ecology, the measure of how different parts of a landscape are from one another.

Computer science

  • Heterogeneous computing, electronic systems that utilize a variety of different types of computational units
  • Semantic heterogeneity, where there are differences in meaning and interpretation across data sources and datasets
  • A data resource with multiple types of formats.

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