Herwig Wolfram

Herwig Wolfram (14 February 1934, Vienna) is an Austrian historian. Professor emeritus at the University of Vienna,[1] from 1983 until 2002 he was Director of the Austrian Institute for Historical Research (Institut für Österreichische Geschichtsforschung).[2] He is considered one of the foremost experts on the history of the Germanic tribes and his works on the Goths and the Germanic peoples are widely cited by historians across the globe.


Born in 1934 in Vienna, Herwig Wolfram remained intimately connected to the city of his birth. Between 1952–1957, he studied history and Latin at the University of Vienna, obtaining his doctorate there in 1957. Just two years later, in 1959, he was commissioned Assistant Professor at the Historical Institute of the University of Vienna. Then in 1966 he passed his Habilitation at the University of Vienna and in 1971 was tenured as a full professor there.[3] The Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna named him as a member in 1976 and between 1981–1983, Professor Wolfram was the Dean of Humanities at the University of Vienna. Wolfram has been the author of numerous books, including the ten-volume acclaimed series on the history of Austria (Österreichische Geschichte).[3]

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