Hermes (missile)

Hermes (Russian: Гермес)[3][4][5] is a family of modularly-designed guided missiles developed in Russia by the KBP Instrument Design Bureau. Capable of being fired from aerial (Hermes-A), land based (Hermes) and naval (Hermes-K) platforms, the Hermes system features a multistage rocket missile with a high-powered booster, and fire-and-forget capability with laser guidance and infrared homing.[6] It is designed to engage single and multiple targets (including tanks and other AFVs, fortifications of various types, naval surface targets and high-speed flying vehicles) with single or volley fire at ranges of up to 100 km and can track and destroy over-the-horizon targets.[7]

GWS «Hermes», «Hermes-A», «Hermes-K»
Surface-to-surface missile
Land-attack missile
Anti-tank guided missile
Place of originRussia
Service history
In service2016-present
WarsSyrian Civil War[1]
Production history
ManufacturerKBP Instrument Design Bureau [2]
Mass130 kg
Length3500 mm
Diameterbooster stage = 170 mm,
sustainer stage = 130 mm
WarheadHigh Explosive Fragmentation

EngineSolid-fuel rocket
max. range 20 km (Hermes-A)
30 km (Hermes-K) , 100 km two stages
Speed1300 m/s
target area: radio-command guidance, terminal path: semi-active laser guidance, infrared guidance
Rotary and fixed-wing platforms, unmanned combat aerial vehicles, tripods, ships, and ground vehicles

Hermes-A is used by Kamov Ka-52K helicopter and by Pantsir-ME CIWS system.[8]


  • Warhead: 28 kg Blast Frag
  • Explosive: 18 kg
  • Armour penetration: 2,000 mm
  • Guidance: Semi-Active Laser Homing, IR Homing, Radar Homing [9]


  • Hermes-A: Air-launched version
  • Hermes-K: Naval version

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