Herbert of Wetterau

Herbert of Wetterau (c. 930 992) was the son of Odo of Wetterau and a daughter (presumably named Cunigunde) of Herbert I, Count of Vermandois and Bertha de Morvis. Herbert was an important nobleman in central Germany and leader of the Conradines.

After the death of his father Odo of Wetterau in 949, Herbert became count of Kinziggau, Engersgau, and Wetterau. He also inherited the castle of Gleiberg, perched on basalt in the modern-day Giessen. In 976 Herbert got the count's rights for Gleiberg and vicinity: the county Gleiberg. Herbert also acquired the title of count palatine. In 981 he followed Emperor Otto II to Italy, and in 982, he took part in the disastrous Battle of Stilo against the Saracens.

Marriage and children

He married Irmtrud of Avalgau (957 1020), daughter of Megingoz and Gerberga (daughter of Godfrey, Count Palatine of Lotharingia and Ermentrude, daughter of Charles the Simple and granddaughter of Otto I of Saxony). They had the following children:


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