Henry Morgan Building

The Henry Morgan Building (French: Maison Morgan) is home to the Hudson's Bay Company flagship store in Montreal, at 585 Saint Catherine Street West in downtown Montreal. It is named for Scottish-born Montreal retailer Henry Morgan.


Built from 1889 to 1891 to a design by the American architect John Pearce Hill (1849 – c. 1920),[1] the four-storey Neo-Romanesque building was constructed from imported Scottish Old Red Sandstone for Morgan's department store[2] (which HBC acquired in 1960). The site had previously been occupied by terrace-type townhouses along Saint Catherine, Union and Alymer,[3] built with stones from the ruins of the 1849 Parliament Building,[4] including the former home of Dr. William Hales Hingston,[4] mayor of Montreal from 1875 to 1877, at the southwest corner.

The building was modified in 1923 (eight-storey Beaux-Arts style addition clad with red stone to match the original store) and 1964 (eight-storey modernist annex along De Maisonneuve Boulevard).[5] The later addition is mostly windowless, with windows only on ground level and in four arch features along De Maisonneuve and Union.

Transit connection

The store is served by the Montreal Metro's McGill station, with an entrance on avenue Union.

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