Henry IV, Duke of Carinthia

Henry IV (c.1065/70 – 14 December 1123) was Duke of Carinthia and Margrave of Verona from 1122 until his death. He was the first ruler of those territories from the Rhenish House of Sponheim.

Henry was the eldest son of Count Engelbert I of Sponheim (died 1096) and his wife, Hedwig, probably a Friulian countess from Mossa.[1] Engelbert had been a supporter of Pope Gregory VII in the fierce Investiture Controversy and therefore had been divested of his county in the Bavarian Puster Valley by Emperor Henry IV in 1091.

After the death of his godfather, Duke Henry III of Carinthia, the last ruler from the House of Eppenstein, he was enfeoffed with the Carinthian duchy and the Veronese march by Emperor Henry V. He did, however, not inherit Henry's allodial lands, which passed to the Margrave Leopold of Styria, a member of the Traungau dynasty (Otakars). This resulted in the so-called provincia Graslupp, that is, the estates of Neumarkt and Sankt Lambrecht as well as the Murau region, which had previously belonged to the Carinthian county of Friesach, passing to the March of Styria.

Henry, like his predecessor, remained an opponent of Archbishop Conrad I of Salzburg. He died within a year of taking the rule over Carinthia and was succeeded by his younger brother, Engelbert.


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Henry IV, Duke of Carinthia
Born: c.1065/70 Died: 14 December 1123
Preceded by
Henry III
Duke of Carinthia
Margrave of Verona

Succeeded by
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