Henry Ernest Carey

Henry Ernest Carey (11 November 1874 – 5 May 1964) was a British-born Australian public servant, who was the Director of the Northern Territory from 1919 to 1920.[1]

Life and career

Carey was born in Tiverton, Devon, England on 11 November 1874. In 1894, he began working in a clerical position for the General Post Office in Britain. He later moved to New Zealand and spent 7 years working in the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries. From 1907, he held various jobs in both the private and public sector, before becoming manager of Northern Agency Pty Ltd.[1]

On 1 August 1919, Carey was appointed Director of the Northern Territory in Australia, a new post that temporarily replaced the position of Administrator. He remained in this role until 22 September 1920, when the Governor-General in Council terminated his contract.[2] Carey claimed unfair dismissal, and attempted to seek compensation, but was unsuccessful in this attempt.[1]

After this, he returned to New Zealand where he worked on the staff of the Taranaki Daily News in New Plymouth. He died in New Plymouth on 5 May 1964.[1]


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