Henry Bataille

Félix-Henri Bataille (4 April 1872 in Nîmes – 2 March 1922 in Rueil-Malmaison[1]) was a French dramatist and poet. His works were popular between 1900 and the start of World War I.

Henry Bataille
Henry Bataille 1911
Born(1872-04-04)April 4, 1872
DiedMarch 2, 1922(1922-03-02) (aged 49)
Known forFrench dramatist, poet.

Bataille's parents died when he was young.[2] He attended the École des Beaux-Arts and Académie Julian[3] to study painting, but started writing when he was 14. Henry wrote plays and poems, but after the success of his second play, La Lépreuse, he became a playwright exclusively. Bataille's early works explored the effects of passion on human motivation and how stifling the social conventions of the times could be. For example, Maman Colibri, is about a middle-aged woman's affair with a younger man. Later, Bataille would gravitate towards the theater of ideas and social drama.

Bataille was also a theorist of subconscious motivation. While he did not use his theories in most of his own works, he influenced later playwrights such as Jean-Jacques Bernard and the "school of silence".


  • La Belle au bois dormant, 1894
  • La Chambre blanche (poetry), 1895
  • La Lépreuse, 1896
  • L'Enchantement, 1900
  • Le Masque, 1902
  • Maman Colibri (Mother Colibri), 1904
  • La Marche nupitale, 1905
  • Poliche, 1906
  • La Femme nue, 1908
  • Le Scandale, 1909
  • La Vierge folle (The Foolish Virgin), 1910
  • L'Enfant de l'amour, 1911
  • Le Phalène, 1913
  • L'Amazone, 1916
  • La divine tragédie (poetry), 1917
  • L'Animateur, 1920
  • L'Homme à la rose, 1920
  • La Tendresse, 1921
  • La Possession, 1921
  • La Chair humaine (Human Flesh), 1922



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