Hellerup Station

Hellerup Station is a regional and S-train railway station serving the district of Hellerup in Copenhagen, Denmark.

S-train and DSB station
Coordinates55°43′52″N 12°34′00″E
Owned byDSB
ConnectionsBus terminal
Opened22 July 1863
Rebuilt3 April 1934 (S-train)
Electrified1934 (S-train)
1986 (Kystbanen)
Preceding station   S-train   Following station
toward Ny Ellebjerg
toward Klampenborg
toward Holte
toward Køge
toward Hillerød
Preceding station   DSB Øresund   Following station
toward Helsingør
Coast Line
toward Malmö C
Location within Denmark

It is served by regional trains on the Coast Branch, as well as S-trains.


The station was designed by V.C.H. Wolf and opened on 22 July 1863, simultaneously with the start of service on the Klampenborg line. The station was among the first on Copenhagen's S-train network. The first S-train line (Klampenborg station to Vanløse station) included Hellerup station. This was in 1934 and the S-trains initially followed the northern path of today's F-line. Hellerup station was the fourth station from Klampenborg and the fourth from Vanløse. Since then the southern part of the F-line has a new path and several new stations have opened, all south of Hellerup.


The regional train lines goes from Nivå station to Copenhagen Airport via the City Centre, which is the most S-train like of all regional railway lines in and around Copenhagen. And from Elsinore via the City Centre to Copenhagen Airport and further (as Øresund train ) to Scania and some other provinces in southern Sweden. Each hour six regional trains depart in each direction.

The station also serves Copenhagen's S-train lines B, C, E, and F services. For the latter line the station is its northern end station or terminus. Weekdays there are 60 S-train departures every hour. There are twelve departures on Line-F (with 5 minutes between departures), and six departures in each direction for the other three lines. This gives 72 departing regional and S-trains every hour from the station's five platform tracks. This doesn't quite reflect the number of passengers who use the station, but it is still a rather important station.

Hellerup station is located within Copenhagen municipality, but the immediate surroundings form the Hellerup borough of Gentofte municipality. Central Hellerup is near the station and is along the main roads built up of blocks with 4 to 5 floors. In the smaller streets many of Copenhagen's largest villas can be found and the Hellerup area is one of the richest in Denmark.

Cultural references

Hellerup station is seen at 1:24:10 in the 1975 Olsen-banden film The Olsen Gang on the Track.[1]


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