Helga Molander

Helga Molander (born as Ruth Werner; 19 March 1896 in Königshütte, Silesia, Germany (present-day Chorzów, Silesian Voivodeship, Poland) 1986), was a German actress and mother of Hans Eysenck.


Helga Molander began her artistic career in 1918 at the Trianon Theater in Berlin. During the twenties, she performed in a number of silent movies. She played major roles in the productions of the Berlin film producer and director Max Glass in films such as Der Mann mit der Eisernen Maske (Man with the Iron Mask) and Bob und Mary.

With the advent of the Nazi times in Germany, Helga Molander left for France, then to Brazil and then to the United States. In 1957, she married Max Glass. Helga Molander is the mother of psychologist Hans Eysenck.



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