Heinz Sauer

Heinz Sauer was an autodidact on tenor saxophone and began his career playing locally around Frankfurt in the 1950s. He played for many years in Albert Mangelsdorff's ensemble, as well as the Jazzensemble des Hessischen Rundfunks and the German All Stars. He worked often with Bob Degen, and has also performed or recorded with musicians such as Ralf Hübner, Günter Lenz, Stefan Schmolck, and Manfred Schoof. In the 1990s he began experimenting with the use of electronic processing on his saxophones. In the 2000s among others he performed in a trio with Christopher Dell (vibraphones) and Bertram Ritter (percussion) and a duo with Michael Wollny. He received several prestigious German awards such as "Deutscher Jazzpreis" (1999), "SWR-Jazzpreis" (2008) and several times the "Deutscher Schallplattenpreis"("German Record Critics' Award").

Heinz Sauer
Heinz Sauer (2008)
Background information
Born(1932-12-25)December 25, 1932
Merseburg, Germany

Discography (selection)

  • Heinz Sauer / Michael Wollny Don't Explain - Live in Concert
  • Heinz Sauer / Michael Wollny / Joachim Kühn, If (blue) then (blue)
  • Heinz Sauer / Michael Wollny, Certain Beauty
  • Heinz Sauer / Michael Wollny, Melancholia (Deutscher Schallplattenpreis)
  • Heinz Sauer Quintet, Lost Ends (mit Stefan Lottermann, Markus Becker, Stephan Schmolck, Steve Argüelles; Deutscher Schallplattenpreis)
  • Heinz Sauer 4tet, Exchange 2; Deutscher Schallplattenpreis
  • Heinz Sauer Trio, Exchange; Deutscher Schallplattenpreis
  • Heinz Sauer / Alfred Harth, Parcours bleu à deux
  • Heinz Sauer Quartet, Cherry Bat
  • Heinz Sauer / Bob Degen, plaza lost and found
  • Heinz Sauer / Bob Degen with Carey Bell, Blues after Sunrise
  • Heinz Sauer / Bob Degen, Ellingtonia Revisited
  • Heinz Sauer Quartet, Isolation Row
  • Heinz Sauer Quartet, Metal Blossoms
  • George Adams / Archie Shepp / Heinz Sauer, Frankfurt Workshop '78: Tenor Saxes
  • Barrelhouse Jazzband, Michael Sell Trio und Heinz Sauer, Hot and Free


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