Hedmarken (known as Hedemarken until 2003)[1][lower-alpha 1] is a traditional district in the county of Hedmark in Eastern Norway.

View of parts of Hedmarken from Vang, near Hamar.
CountyHedmark (and Oppland)
Adm. centerHamar
  Total2,725 km2 (1,052 sq mi)
  Density33/km2 (87/sq mi)

It consists of the municipalities Stange, Hamar, Løten, and Ringsaker. Formerly, before a process of municipality mergers, it also contained the municipalities Romedal, Vang, Furnes and Nes.[2] Traditionally, it also included Gjøvik, today in Oppland.[3] The county Hedmark is named after the district of Hedmarken but includes other districts as well, namely Østerdalen and Glåmdalen (Solør, Odal and Vinger).[4]

The district is dominated by rolling agricultural terrain, hilly green mountains, and pine forests.


The Old Norse form of the name was Heiðmǫrk. The first element is heiðnir, the name of an old Germanic tribe and is related to the word heið, moorland. The last element is mǫrk 'woodland, borderland, march'. (See also Telemark and Finnmark.)[4]

"In Hedmarken" is translated på Hedmarken—literally "on Hedmarken".[5]


In the early Viking Age, before Harald Fairhair, Hedmarken was a petty kingdom, part of the Eidsivating. Kings of Hedmarken include:



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  1. Urban East Norwegian pronunciation of Hedmarken [ˇheːdmɑrkn̩]; of Hedemarken: [ˇheːdəmɑrkn̩]. In the local dialect, the name is pronounced [ˇheimɑrçɑ] or (south of Brumunddal) [ˇhemɑrçɑ].

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