Heal Our Land

Heal Our Land is a live album from Planetshakers. Integrity Music released the album on April 10, 2012.[1] This album it was recorded in the Hisense Arena, Melbourne, Australia.[2]

Heal Our Land
Live album by
ReleasedApril 12, 2012 (2012-04-12)
ProducerJoth Hunt
Planetshakers chronology
Nothing Is Impossible
Heal Our Land

Critical reception

Professional ratings
Review scores
Cross Rhythms[3]
Jesus Freak Hideout[4]
Indie Vision Music[5]

Stephen Luff, indicating in a nine out of ten review from Cross Rhythms, says, "This, their latest release, follows in the footsteps of last year's studio set 'Nothing Is Impossible'. Produced again by Joth Hunt (who leads worship on many songs here along with Sam Evans), high octane rock kicks in on track one with "Supernatural" with guitar playing that would feel at home in any rock concert. "Good To Me" could simply be described as infectious worship with a driving beat and an anthem audience response. "Do It Again" is led with drums - guaranteed to move the most complacent listener, before the chorus firmly implants itself in the brain! As on previous albums there are some atmospheric ballads here as well, the most outstanding being "Hallelujah To The Lord".[6] Rating the album one stars for Jesus Freak Hideout, Scott Fryberger says, "Despite the worshipful nature of the music, it becomes very disheartening with bands like this to listen as a music fan and literally wonder which of the songs are covers and which are originals. It's often said that, with worship bands, the focus of the critic should be how worshipful it is. But this album is being sold to people, and I find something very wrong with charging people for worship music (maybe that's just me?). So it must be artistic if they want to justify charging people. Artistically speaking, if Heal Our Land was a painting, it would be like they took parts of other peoples' projects and repainted them onto their own canvas".[7] Signaling in a one star review from Indie Vision Music, Jonathan Andre "Overall: I know that this review shouldn’t be an attack. I’m certain that Planetshakers have written with all they have on this record. But, and similar to Hillsong, there are only one or two tracks that stand out in this album (ironically, it is the longest song, ‘Heal the Land’, that is my favourite, together with ballad ‘You Have it All’). Someone around the world will love these tracks to death, and say that they are their favourites. But I don't think I am one of them. Sometimes albums just connect with you, and this one just didn't for me. Perhaps I'm being a bit cynical and wanting more from a band that has produced some of my favourites ‘Majesty’, ‘Rain Down’, ‘I Believe’ and ‘It’s All About Jesus’. Hopefully with repeat listens to this album, my opinion of them can change with time. But for now, Heal the Land is for diehard fans of Hillsong, Jesus Culture, or any other live worship band".[8]

Track listing

1."Supernatural"Joth Hunt4:06
2."Good To Me"Joth Hunt3:58
3."Do It Again"Joth Hunt4:21
4."Heal Our Land"Brian "Bj" Pridham9:27
5."Strength Of My Life"Joth Hunt6:42
6."Hold On To Me"Joth Hunt3:11
7."Hallelujah To The Lord"Sam Evans / Joth Hunt6:49
8."You Have It All"Joth Hunt6:37
9."Power"Joth Hunt3:42
10."It's You"Joth Hunt3:39
11."No One Like You"Joth Hunt8:34
12."Running To You"Sam Evans / Joth Hunt7:28
Total length:68:40


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