Headquarters South West (United Kingdom)

Headquarters South West is a Regional Point of Command unit of the British Army.[1]

Headquarters, South West
Country United Kingdom
Branch British Army
TypeRegional Point of Command
Part ofRegional Command


In 2018, the Regional Point of Command, Headquarters South West was shifted from 1st Artillery Brigade and Headquarters South West was shifted to an independent unit.1st Artillery Brigade in turn was moved under the operational control of the 3rd (United Kingdom) Division.[2]


The Headquarters has administrative control over the following units:[3]


Army Cadet Forces

Only the Company HQs and shown

  • The City and County of Bristol Army Cadet Force
    • A Company
    • B Company
    • C Company
  • Cornwall Rifles Cadet Battalion Army Cadet Force
    • Gibraltar Company
    • Inkerman Company
    • Lucknow Company
  • Devon Army Cadet Force
    • Corps of Drums
    • A (Exeter and East Devon) Company
    • B (Plymouth) Company
    • C (North Devon) Company
    • D (Torbay) Company
  • Dorset Army Cadet Force
    • HQ, Dorchester
    • E (El Alamein) Rifles Company
    • N (Normandy) Company
    • S (Salerno) Company [based throughout the Channel Islands]
    • W (Waterloo) Company
  • Gloucestershire Rifles Cadet Battalion
  • Somerset Rifles Cadet Battalion[2]
    • Gibraltar Company
    • Jellalabad Company
    • Normandy Company
    • Salamanca Company
  • Wiltshire Army Cadet Force



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