He Is Charming

He Is Charming (French: Il est charmant) is a 1932 French musical comedy film directed by Louis Mercanton and starring Meg Lemonnier, Henri Garat and Louis Baron fils.[1] It was one of a large number of operetta films made during the decade.

He Is Charming
Directed byLouis Mercanton
Written byAlbert Willemetz
StarringMeg Lemonnier
Henri Garat
Louis Baron fils
CinematographyHarry Stradling Sr.
Edited byRoger Mercaton
Les Studios Paramount
Distributed byLes Films Paramount
Release date
25 February 1932
Running time
87 minutes

It was made at Joinville Studios by the French subsidiary of Paramount Pictures. A Swedish-language version Students in Paris was also released. The film's sets were designed by the art director René Renoux.


  • Meg Lemonnier as Jacqueline Cordier
  • Henri Garat as Jacques Dombreval
  • Louis Baron fils as M. Poitou
  • Cassive as La présidente
  • Marthe Derminy as Mme de la Tremblade
  • Martine de Breteuil as Gaby
  • Suzette O'Nil as La dactylo
  • Dominique Bonnaud as Un Buste
  • Jacques Ferny as Un Buste
  • Vincent Hyspa as Un Buste
  • Gaston Secrétan as Un Buste
  • Paul Weil as Un Buste
  • Rochelle Carley as La capitaine des girls
  • Jean Mercanton as Le chasseur
  • Bazin as Antoine
  • Pierre Moreno as Ludovic de la Tremblade
  • Jean Granier as Un boy
  • Armand Dranem as Émile Barbarin
  • Lucienne Claudy
  • Christiane Delyne
  • Andrée Dorns
  • Madeleine Guitty
  • Yvette Lebon
  • Henri Niel
  • Erik Ode
  • Nicole Ray as Petit rôle
  • Viviane Romance
  • Madeleine Rosetzky
  • Louisette Rousseau
  • Pierre Sergeol


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