Hazard (ship)

Hazard was an Australian sloop wrecked in 1809.

In March 1809, three ships, Argument, Experiment and Hazard left Pittwater, New South Wales, bound for Sydney with a cargo of wheat. A squall arose and Hazard was driven onto Box Head, two miles north of Barrenjoey, New South Wales. The master, Andrew Lusk, got into the ships boat but was unable to persuade his single crew member, a boy, to join him. The boy was washed overboard and was dragged from the surf by some aborigines. Lusk attempted to make it to shore but the boat capsized and Lusk drowned.

Hazard was a sloop of unknown tonnage, probably built in Sydney in 1800. It was owned by Thorley & Griffiths and had been chartered to Lusk. [1]


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