Haydarpaşa High School

Haydarpaşa High School (Turkish: Haydarpaşa Lisesi) is an Anatolian High School in Üsküdar district of Istanbul, Turkey established in 1934.

Haydarpaşa High School
Former Haydarpaşa High School building
Koşuyolu, formerly Haydarpaşa

TypeAnatolian High School
FoundedSeptember 26, 1934 (1934-09-26)
FounderMustafa Kemal Ataturk
DirectorÖmer Faruk Araz
Number of students1,065


The school was founded by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk on 26 September 1934 as a boys' school. It was a boarding and day school. With the beginning of the 1948/49 education term, female students were admitted. The mixed-sex education continued until the 1958/59 term, resumed hower in the 1980/81 term. The boarding school was closed down in the 1979/80 term, and the sections occupied by the boarding school were left to Marmara University's Faculty of Medicine. The high school left its historical building forever at the end of the 1983/84 term in July. The high school was hosted by the newly-built annex of the Haydarpaşa Industrial Vocational High School until 1990. In February 1989, the school moved to its own building in Altunizade neighborhood of Üsküdar. In the 1998/99 term, Haydarpaşa High School was given the status of Anatolian High School, (Turkish: Anadolu Lisesi), which admits students with higher standardized test scores and teaches in foreign language. With the legitimation of June 26, 2016, the Ministry of National Education awarded the status "Project School" to the high school.[1]

Initial building

Haydarpaşa High School housed in a monumental historic building from its establishment in 1934 until July 1984. The building was commissioned by Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid II (reigned 1876–1909) for use as the "Imperial Medicine School" (Ottoman Turkish: Mekteb-i Tıbbiye-i Şahane). It was designed by the French-Ottoman architect Alexander Vallaury (1850–1921) and the Italian architect Raimondo Tommaso D'Aronco (1857–1932). The construction began on February 11, 1895 and was completed in 1900. It was situated in the area between the 1828-built Selimiye Barracks and the Haydarpaşa Military Hospital. The ceremonial opening took place on the birthday of the sultan on 15 Sha'ban AH 1321 (November 6, 1903).[2]

The building, built on a 80,000 m2 (860,000 sq ft) land, has a rectangular plan. It has a construction area of 24,000 m2 (260,000 sq ft) with a courtyard of 80 m × 140 m (260 ft × 460 ft) inside. It is a two-story building with a basement. Aisles run on two floors of the building around the courtyard, and classrooms were situated at the outer sections in the south, west and north wings. The walls of the building were covered with granite plates brought from quarries in Hereke and Bilecik. Hydraulic lime, imported from Marseille, France, was used as lime mortar.[2]

After merging of the civilian and military medicine education, the building became Haydarpaşa Faculty of Medicine in 1909. The Faculty of Medicine moved to the European part of Istanbul after the 1933 University Reform. The building was handed over to the Ministry of National Education. It served half a century as Haydarpaşa High School between 1934 and 1984. It became then Marmara University's Faculty of Medicine Haydarpaşa Campus.[2]

Notable alumni


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