Hautes études d'ingénieur

HEI Lille or École des Hautes Études d’Ingénieur (French for School of High Studies in Engineering) is a private school of engineering located in Lille, France, member of Lille Catholic University and a French Grande École. The school trains students during five years and delivers the diploma of Ingénieur (equivalent of a master's degree). The diploma is approved both by the State and the CTI. HEI is a member of the Conference des Grandes Ecoles (CGE) guaranteeing the excellence in teaching and selectivity in admissions. In 2019, the school is ranked n°3 by Eduniversal among post baccalaureate training programs of general engineering in France.[1]

Hautes Études d'Ingénieur
MottoFrench: Ingénieurs Pour le Monde
Motto in English
English: Engineers for the World
TypePrivate Grande École
Budget17,75 M€
PresidentJean-Marc Idoux
Academic staff
170 Permanent
350 Visiting
Location, ,
AffiliationsLille Catholic University, FESIC, IngéFrance, Lille Polytechnicum Institute, CGE, Elles Bougent


  • 1885: Founding of the school under the name Hautes Études Industrielles changed to the actual one in 2003
  • 1935: First accreditation by the Commission des Titres d'Ingénieur
  • 1968: Recognition of the school by the French State
  • 2003: 8000th student to graduate from the school
  • 2005: Merger with ESTIT - School of Industrial & Textile Technology - Creation of TIMTEX field (Technology, Innovation & International Management Textiles)
  • 2007: Launch of the network IngéFrance
  • 2009: Settling of the preparatory classes into the Irène Devos renovated venue
  • 2012: HEI will open a new campus to train engineers in the process of learning: HEI Campus Centre

Key figures

  • 14,700 alumni (HEI and ESTIT combined)
  • 5 years of study: 2 years of integrated preparatory classes and 3 years of engineering cycle
  • 4 research poles (Chemistry / Energetic & Systems / Structures & Materials / Bio-Engineering & Sciences)
  • More than 110 international exchange partnerships


The five-year curriculum aims at training polyvalent/generalist engineers. In order to achieve that goal, the cursus is divided into two separate cycles:

  • 2 years of integrated preparatory classes following the national academic program of the CPGEs (MP – PC – PSI). The courses are focusing on the fundamentals in mathematics, physics, chemistry and engineering sciences.
  • 3 years of engineering cycle. The third year is used as a transition between the preparatory cycle and the domain of specialization. During that year, every student will follow the same common trunk, courses encompass subjects such as fluids mechanic, electro-engineering, chemistry, structural mechanic, algorithmic, database...

The fourth and fifth years compose the cycle of specialization and professionalization. Each student chooses a field of study (a major) among the 10 fields of engineering available at the school while keeping an important share of common trunk beside until the end of the program.

The teaching program includes basics in social sciences such as management, economy, and finance.

Specialization domains available in 4th and 5th years:

  • Building, Planning & Architecture (BAA)
  • Civil Engineering (BTP)
  • Chemistry (Chimie)
  • Mechanical Engineering (CM)
  • Energy, Electrical & Automated Systems (ESEA)
  • IT (ITI)
  • Technologies, Innovations, International Management in Textiles (TIMTex)
  • Health & Medical Engineering (IMS)

Domains available in 5th year only:

  • Organization & Management of Companies (OME)
  • Banking, Finance & Insurance (BFA)

Students who desire are able to prepare a PhD within the school's labs in the following fields: Automation, Chemistry, IT, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Building & Architecture, Banking & Finance.


Most of HEI students enter the school after graduating from high school (Baccalauréat (S) or equivalent). Every applicant has to take the "Concours Puissance 11" competitive examination which is composed of written tasks in Mathematics, physics and chemistry (multiple choice questions in each of these tasks) and an evaluation of the student's academic file. Application files have to be completed on the internet on admission-postbac. More information on Concours Puissance 11

Students who attended classical preparatory classes (MP – PC – PSI – PT) may enter the school in the 3rd year of the program after taking the "FESIC Prépa" competitive examination. (More information at link)

Student life

As a member of Lille Catholic University, the school provides its students with access to all the University facilities: (libraries, dining halls, housing, sports facilities, etc.).

The student life inside the school is organized and run by the BDE or Bureau des Elèves (the Students Bureau). This association encompasses all kinds of clubs and commissions which allow students to take a break from the school rhythm by doing one (or several) activity of their choice. Sport, social, cultural and intellectual activities or events planning such as the HEI Night are accessible to every student who desires it.

Notable associations

  • HEI alumni network: The network of HEI Alumni
  • Helios Car: Run by a group of 20 students and teachers, this car, entirely powered by the sun energy, participates to challenges and races all around the world (recently Australia and Belgium). The team performed well in each of this challenges achieving first European place at the World Solar Challenge and second place at the European Solar Race in 2008 and 2010 respectively.
  • ProG'HEI : The junior initiative of the school which has the status of Junior-Entreprise


HEI sports teams play under the French Federation of Sport for Colleges and Universities (Fédération Française du Sport Universitaire) at the Academic Level, the teams usually perform well in almost every collective sport (Basketball, Football (Soccer), Rugby Union, Volleyball and Handball) reaching very often the nationwide eighth-final and some times further. The teams practice and compete at “Ennetières” sports complex.


  • HEI Evasion: one of the most popular association in the school, which organizes week-end trips in great European capital cities for students.
  • L'Ultime: one of the most important student party organized in the region.
  • Raid HEI: three days of intense effort to rally the finish line (mountain bike, run&bike, kayak, relay). Organized by HEI's students and open to everyone.
  • Gala Night: formal night bringing together alumni, partners and students around an artistic show and a cocktail party.
  • Les Mardis d’HEI (HEI Tuesdays): a personality of the economic or academic world (CEOs, professors...) spends some time to discuss and exchange with the students.
  • Rock HEI: every Wednesday night, students can attend dancing lessons and practice with other students.
  • TropHEI: rowing boat race usually held in spring.
  • Ch'tite Bulle Festival: strip cartoon, comic convention held in the school's buildings.


  • GB Radio: the school's radio, broadcasting 24/7 and entirely run by students website here
  • La Depeche: the school's information media, edited every two weeks in flipbook here
  • HEI Info: new edition every three months (paper version)


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